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i have decided to write my own novel but i need a bit of feedback on my first section

What was I supposed to do?
It’s hard enough trying to keep myself alive. Yes I know it sounds stupid, why would me a 12 year old girl, be worried about dyeing.
About 3 months ago it started to happen, I knew it, I could here things but where and what I still don’t know it only happens late at night, I here a quiet rustling then it stops. And I don’t here it again for the rest of the night, well until I go to sleep that is I don’t know what could be happening wile I’m asleep weather or not it’s just my imagination, my amazing widely out of control imagination. Now that is something that has got me into trouble, a lot of trouble.
Well I was 9 and id just got a phone for Christmas and I never really took much notice of it, it was just something I could take a picture of the holiday the snow and maybe I could have some music on it. Until my mother came running up the stairs and grabbed me by my ponytail and dragged me down the stairs. I didn’t have a clue what was happening, I didn’t know what I could have done wrong.
In the front room were to very tall men and black and white suits I didn’t know who they were or what they wanted until one of them crouched down and said to me in a very calm voice “Do you have any idea why we are here young lady?” At that point my mum shouted at the top of her voice “Of course she knows why you her!” The second person who was still stood up ask my mum to calm down very politely at that point my mum stepped back and walked into the kitchen. By this point I was shaking because my mum never usually doses what people tell her to. I just had a feeling these could be very important people.
The person who was till stood up took my hand and sat me down on the couch and knelt down on the floor in front of me and told me he was going to tell me all about who he was and who his friend was and why they were here.
“My name is Mark Adamson and I work for the police we are a big group of people who want to make sure were you live is safe all the time but it is a very hard job” Marks friend then carried on explaining “Hello Sarah, My name is Paul Jones I work with very closely with Mark to make that easier for you to understand I follow him round and help him, now the reason we are here is because we want to talk to you about your phone.” Now I was really confused I knew who the police were and what they did I remember that from school, but what I didn’t understand was what they wanted to tell me about my phone, I hadn’t used my phone since Easter when I got my mum to take pictures of me and all of the lovely chocolate I got, “what do you want to know about my phone?” I asked in a voice that wasn’t my own the words seemed to stumble out behind the shock, the surprise and sheer anguish, my voice was uneven and it had had a horrible tremor in it. Yet it didn’t seen to bother them, that or they didn’t notice, they seemed to happy I asked the question. Mark the one who was knelt down in front of me was the first to answer he very slowly explained to me what he was really at my house for. “Ok Sarah there is no easy way to say this other than you have caused a lot of trouble with the emergency services…”
“The ambulance people and the police people” Paul said still in that exact same calm voice he had before.
“Sarah do you remember ringing somebody and telling them that you had seen a dead body in the street with a lot of blood by there head.” Mark explained in a very soft voice. This was a new voice though not the calm voice I remember that he used wile he was introducing himself, it had a harsher tone to it, as if he was shouting at me but not making me realise.
But that was it I knew that I must had done something wrong but I still didn’t know what it was.
Paul spoke again this time his calm voice had disappeared as well to that same soft voice mark had used “we have it to believe that you have made a call to the emergency operators and said you have witnessed somebody lying dead in the street. You do understand don’t you?” I just nodded because I knew if I spoke I would have started crying. Mark then spoke again “Sarah you rang the police on Tuesday weather or not you think you did or not we have the proof her because we can track numbers that ring us”
He then read out a series of numbers that made no sense to me I could only think he was reading out my phone number but I don’t know I couldn’t tell you the numbers he read to me.
“Do you understand that what you have done is a serious offence? And what you have done is something that could get you put in prison.”
At this point there was nothing I could do other than cry and I did the tears were streaming down my face and there was nothing I could do to stop them, it was like I had no control over my eyes I tried closing them but the tears were still making there way through my eyes.

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