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When I got back to school after winter break.I went to my homeroom.And before class a techer came on and said I need Jordan Currin there is someone here for her.So I went to the teacherand she said they are in the gym.So I went to the gym and there they were waiting for me and they said are you Jordan T. Currin and I said yes i’m Jordan Currin.And they said because you are ourbiggest fan.You get to stay with the new moon cast and I get a lot of new moon thing that no one is going to have.So when they said that i yelled.And Robert and Taylor came up to me and said do not yelled.So then i stop yelled.Then they said go get all your things and we will go on the twilight bus.Then I said how about my grandparents?And they said we call them.So I went to my homeroom and i said i am getting check-out.And my teacher said who is cheacking you out and i said the twilight cast and the class did not believes me and my teacher said if they are out there show all of us.So I went to the gym i tell them to come and they did.So I take them to my teacher and class and I said see i was not lieing about it.So my teacher said ok you can you on what you were doing.So i grab my thing and robert take me on the bus.So i got on the bus.So i got on the bus and the whole cast was on there.So then Robert said go in the back room and there is something for you.So i went back there and there was twilight,new moon,eclipse,and breaking dawn draw thing on the bed.So i grab the thing and went to Robert and hagged him and then Taylor and then the rest of the cast.And the whole cast said what is that for?And I said it for the twilight,new moon,eclipse,and breaking dawn thing that was on the bed.And they said ok.So I ask taylor how long i am staig here and he said the whole weekend.And i said ok and I yelled because i was so happy.So I said what are we doing this weekend.And Robert said will we are going on the red carpet for new moon and you will be the first person to see it.And i said cool i will be the first person to see it and I yelled.So that night I tell Robert that I do not have nothing to wear to the red carpet.So Robert said will go talk to Bella.So I went into Bella room and she said want do you wanted and i said I need something to wear to the red carpet?And she said will I am getting some dress and you pick one out?So Bella got out 5 dress out.So Bella said pick one out?OK.So I look at all the dress and I like the one that was red and pretty.So I put it on and Robert came to the door and said ready and I said ready caming out right now.So I came out and Robert said can I walk with you?And i said yes.So we walk out of the limo and all the fans said can we take a picture with you.And I said yes you can.So I went next to them and take a picture with them.So we went on the red carpet people take picture of me and Robert.We get off of the red caroet and went into the theter and i was the first person to watch it.So we watch it and it was cool that I was the first person to see it.So after we finish watching the movie.We had a after party.And I got to go.So I ask Robert if I can stay for the after party and he said yes.We all stay for the after party Jordan.So we stay for the after party.And we had food and drinks and dancing.Then Robert ask me to dance and I said yes i will dance with you.So we dance for a long time.So we finelly stop dancing and we got back on the bus.And I ask Robert where I am sleeping and he said you will sleep with Bell.So went into her room and I got in the bed and went to sleep.So the next morning Robert and taylor had to go to set.And the girls did not have to go toset.So i ask Bella what we are ging to do today.And she said go shopping.So I got dress and we went shopping.A lots of people ask us if they can have a picture and we said yes you can.So a lot of people stop us take picture.So at the end of the and the girls went to the set.To see if everything is good.And it was going good.So as soon they were done we got back on the bus.We got dress for bed and I start packing for the next day to go home.So we went to bed and went to sleep.And we got up the next morning and i finish packing and I was almost to my house and everyone was in bed sleep.So I tell Robert thanks for choose me for the winner.And he said thanks you are welcome.So Robert said can i kiss you?And I said yes!So he kiss me on the creek.And then I kiss him on the creek.And then we were at my house and I said bye to Robert and I got off the bus and went into the house.BYE!!!!!!!!!




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Comment by Jordan T Currin on February 2, 2012 at 12:55pm
me too
Comment by tammy burdick on January 20, 2012 at 7:44pm

that must have been so cool i wish i could me them but thats ok i love them anyways


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