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Jacob Black is really protective, understanding.. Especially to Nessie. And thats why they really belong to each
other. But im curious, Does that "imprinting" make sense? Is that the reason why he's so protective and etc.? And
i see it rude. He did imprint it to Nessie just to be around with Bella? As a family? But at least, he loved Nessie.
And thats the most important.

I wish Meyer will do another book about the life of Nessie and Jacob. Their Love life.. Like what she did to Bella
and Edward. I love reading.. But only Twilight Saga. Its been awhile that i missed following their lives.. I want to
know, did Jacob and Nessie had a son or daughter? Did the Vulturi returned to see if Nessie is really not an
Immortal Child? Did Aro declared war against others? Did the other vampires or the Cullen's stopped the cruel
rule of the Vulturi to the Vampires? I had alot more questions that are left after i have read the last Twilight Saga,
Breaking Dawn. I thought (before i read it.) it is the really end.. Like, "Bella, Edward, Jacob, Nessie and the other
Cullens, live forever.. Happily." Did Meyer had it unfinished? I mean, im not satisfied at its endding. I promise.

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