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i would have to say twilight is one of the best books ive ever read. i wish there was an endless saga of twilight and it just keep getting better and better. i wish that edward was real but hes not. when i read twilight i amagin my self in that kinda world were vampires and werwolves were real.i realy get in to the books i read and i wish that twilight was real.i hope the she keeps writeing in the series and rewrites them in edwards point of veiw her fans would be so happy and i would probly re-read them over and over again through out my life.if its a realy good book it takes me out of the real world and in to that world i forget about all the problems i have and i cant put the book sown.when i read twilight i read 100 or more pages a day because it was so good .dont even get me started i can talk bout this forever.

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