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I'm new here so I did not know all things here hope you understand

 I will intoduce myself I am Aedrielle Xolaie S. Sinoro or simple call me Aexl that's my nickname they call me that way when I was a child and now they call me Aexl always.

I'm a fan of The Twilight Saga mostly all of the cast in the Twilight is my fan I like them.

Hope I have New Friends here.


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Comment by Jesse Desplat on January 4, 2012 at 3:21am

Hey Aexl!!! I'm Jesse! Welcome to the Saga.

If you really wanna get around, join some groups. You'll get addicted quickly :) I spend most of my time in the Fan Fiction group. That's where you can write fan fictions, poems, one-shots, or just read someone else's work. I have to say, there are some tremendous stories there. I could recomend some to you if you like.

Also there is the banner group where you can have others create banners for your stories, page, + more! There are people there that will teach you how to make good banners and when you get good, you can even compete in crazy competitions with your banners.

Also check out the Role Play group. That's where you can role-play Twilight related, or none Twilight related characters with people who share interests just like you! You can create a role-play, or join one. Te pople there are really inviting!

Also- the biggest groups are the Team Edward, Team Jacob, and Team Bella groups. You can join the group of which team you like and discuss things you like or dislike about your team. It's so fun! There's many more groups for Wolf lovers, Vampire lovers, Music people, Writers, bands, older adults, there are so many!

There are tons of other things to do on the site like joining the Discussions. Basically you can find a conversation for whatever you want to talk about with people. It's a great place to bond and make friends.

If you need any help or have any questions, I'm here! Add me as a friend and I can help you around the site! Good luck!!!! :)))

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