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Alright, so this is just continuing the first part. I decided to put it on another blog because the other one was getting pretty long. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the comments and encouragement!

I Must Be Dreaming- continued

“Because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I tilted my chin up and kissed the hollow underneath his chin.
He was silent for what seemed like ages.
“What is it?” I asked timidly, afraid I’d said something wrong.
“I need to show you something.” He turned to me, his eyes hard and cold.
Uh oh, this doesn’t look good. I gulped. I hope it’s not a picture of his girlfriend! Oh man! That would be so horrible! I think I would die.
He lifted me up and carried me to the window in his arms, cradling me against his chest like an infant. He continued to hold me as he unlatched the window. The cool breeze brought me back to reality.
“What are you doing?” I looked at him skeptically as the cool breeze brought shivers to my arms.
He turned back to the bed without a word and grabbed my favorite blanket from the foot of my bed. It had been a birthday present from my grandmother before she passed away 5 years ago, and on it was a picture of an angel with magnificent wings on top of a moonlit cliff. It made me want wings whenever I saw it, or wish that I had an angel of my own.
“Hold on to this. You’ll need it later.” He handed me the blanket and I held it close to my chest.
He then stepped back towards the window and climbed gingerly onto the short roof over hanging the deck, and stepped onto the edge.
“Blaine! What are you-“
He held me tighter and jumped off of the roof with such speed that the moisture in the air felt like millions of needles pricking at my skin. I covered my face with the blanket and tried to mold myself to him, and he held me tighter, his arms feeling like a steel cage around me, but there was no pain in his grip, it was warm and comforting, making me feel safe. We began to descend and I held back a scream when my stomach jumped into my throat, and suddenly there was an ear-splitting ripping sound. Then, silence.
Oh no! We crashed! We crashed into the trees and now we’re dead and ripped into pieces! And I never even got my drivers’ license! Or my own house, or got married, or had a child! I never even graduated! Oh man! How am I supposed-
There was a rustling sound that jerked me from my hysterics and I opened my eyes to find that I was indeed, not dead, in one piece and that there was a feather in my face. I gingerly picked up the feather from my nose and, in doing so, saw Blaine’s face above mine, looking into my eyes with a mixture of curiosity, fear, and something else I couldn’t quite identify.
Okay, so I’m not dead, Blaine’s still here, and I have a feather in my face. Maybe I’m dreaming. It’s either that, or this is the best day of my life.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, with every ounce of my body. He pulled back after a while and whistled.
“Wow, what was that for?”
“Well, this might be a dream, so I can do anything I want.” I pointed out as my finger traced down his neck to his chest. I was pleased to find out that my dream had taken off his shirt, leaving his sculpted chest exposed.
He leaned down to my ear and whispered, “As much as I appreciate the affection, I’m going to have to burst your bubble, Samantha. This isn’t a dream.”
I giggled, “Well, maybe not. But look, a feather?” I held up the snow white feather and it gleamed in the moonlight. “Where would I get a feather from? We all know that there aren’t any geese around Oregon this time of year and no bird feathers shine like this. So this is most likely a dream.” I smiled and kissed him again.
He pulled away, too soon for my liking. “What about my wings? My feathers shine like that.” He grinned a silly grin.
“You don’t have wings.” I stated. “No one does.”
“But this might all be a dream, right? You said so yourself.”
He’s got me there. I did say that. Darn.
He sighed. “What do I have to do get you to believe that this isn’t a dream?”
I pondered on that for a moment, gazing into his eyes for the answer, and then I found one.
“Drop me, because if it is a dream, I’ll wake up, but if this isn’t-“
With that Blaine let go of me and I began to fall through the frigid air, faster and faster as I picked up momentum. I clutched the blanket close to me, as if it were my only means of survival, which, it wasn’t. I looked up at the quickly vanishing stars, only to find that Blaine wasn’t there.
What?! Why did he drop me? I am going to DIE! He dropped me and left! Why?!
I closed my eyes and readied myself to feel the cold, hard ground break every bone in my body. I heard the trees whip past me as I hurtled to the ground at break-neck speed, birds flying away in surprise as I opened my mouth and screamed. I heard a rustling of wings, large wings, right before I hit the ground.
“So, you still think that this is a dream?” I heard Blaines’ voice in the same instant that I felt a pair of warm arms hold me close, saving me from my fall.
My heart fluttered and frantically tried to find a way out of my chest, leaving me gasping for air.
“What, were you thinking?!” I screeched, still recovering from my near-death experience.
“Well, you said that the only way to make you believe me was to drop you, so I did.” He looked bemused.
“I didn’t think that you actually would! I could’ve died, Blaine! I could’ve been a pancake on the ground right now, dead!”
He laughed and kissed my forehead, “Do you really think that I would just drop you like that? I was right behind you the whole time, my arms were but inches from your body, just incase. I would never hurt you on purpose, that would be torture.”
The look in his eyes were that of pure sincerity.
“Okay, I believe you.” I smiled faintly, just to let him know that there weren’t any hard feelings.
“Good. “ He smiled back, “Now come, I have something to show you.”
He set me down and grabbed my hand, starting to walk deeper and deeper into the forest.
“Blaine, where are we-“
“Shh.” He cut me off and kissed my cheek swiftly, and was gone.
I groaned. Haha, of course he’s gone! Now what, he’s going to show up in a blinding light and dazzle me to death?
And then there was Blaine, surrounded in a glorious shaft of light, 50feet in the air.
I gaped at him, uncomprehending. What, how… but.. huh?! And then, black.

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Comment by jasmine sosbe on January 21, 2010 at 12:43pm
whoo team blaine please please write more im dying here
Comment by Jeannine Lautner Black on September 1, 2009 at 8:20pm
Thank you SO MUCH ♥☮♫♫♫Teamjacob4life12345:]♫♫♫☮♥ and Kikay ! You guys are the best!!! :D
Comment by Jeannine Lautner Black on September 1, 2009 at 11:24am
:D wow!
Thanks soo much!!! That is an awesome comment!!! :D wow!
Hey, if you want to make a 'Team Blaine' Banner, you can :)
I'll post it on here then if you make one!
Once again, THANK YOU!! :D
Comment by Kikay on September 1, 2009 at 9:33am
damn this is good!!! i'd tell you to write more but that's pretty much getting old as it is. so i'll start a new one:

move over team edward and team jacob(team mike newton, too)... TEAM BLAINE HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING! = ) yeah.

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