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I never really thought you-Chapter 1-This is going to be different...

I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. I had on Rainbow tee with some ripped shorts and some dark green tights. I grabbed my yellow combat boots. I checked my curly brown hair that was up. That had rainbow dyed ends.I grabbed all my rings and slid them on. I grabbed my bag and smiled at myself. Today was the first day of my senior year. My last year of childhood. I felt the nerves building in my stomach. My phone vibrated. I knew it was Suzy. "Get out here:)" I smiled and took one last look at myself. I ran downstairs and grabbed a cutie then to Suzys car. "Goodmorning beautiful." I said kissing Suzy lightly on the cheek. "Goodmorning babe." She said pulling out of my driveway. "So you ready to go back?" She said with a smile. I nodded. "Yup,im so freakin excited." I said sarcastily. "Hey only one more year then were off to La." Suzy said glancing at me. I nodded. "I cant wait." "So how was the rest of your summer." I looked out the window a small smile forming over my lips. "It was okay.." I said in a nonchantley voice. I felt Suzy's eyes on me. "What about yours?" I said looking at my beautiful bestfriend. Her skin was a light golden creamy color. She had pretty light brown eyes. Which were brought out by her light brown curly hair. She had her hair in pigtails and her bang was straight and swept to the side. She had gold and green eye shadow on with lipgloss on her perfect natural plump lips. Her teeth were slightly crooked but somehow it made her more beautiful. "You look different." She said staring at me. I knew i hadnt changed anything but i knew i was different. "What do you mean?" I said. Suzy just stared. "I dont know but somethings changed." "I see it every summer but i never figure out what it is." She said. "Your weird" I said shaking my head. She took my hand. "You hiding something from me." "You dont have to tell me." I looked at my bestfriend. "At least not yet." She said with a smiled. We pulled into the parking lot of school. I found myself holding my breathe. I was nervous. This happened every year. My eyes found him. My heart fluttered at the sight of him. His creamy skin was still tanned. His hair still looked soft to the touch. He looked and found my eyes. My stomach dropped. It was the same thing every year. I felt tears clouding my eyes. But i swallowed them down. He turned and looked away from me. Suzy parked. She reached back and grabbed her stuff. She did one last mirror check. We got out and we linked arms. I saw his crowd in front of the doors. We reached them. I didnt glance his way. "Oh look the Skittle twins are back." Natalie his girlfriend said. "I see you didnt eat any Skittles over the summer." I said with a smile. Natalies face dropped and everyone erupted in laughter. I glanced at him to ses him smiling. "You need to watch your back." Natalie sneered at me."Oh you know all about backs right, since you laid on yours all summer." I said. Everyone gasped. Matt grabbed Natalie. "Come on Lil." Suzy said pulling me through the crowd. We got into the building. "Lily this year is going to be different." Suzy said in a serious voice. I nodded. " Okay meet me outside by the tree at lunch" Suzy said with a friendly smile. I smiled back. I took out my schedule and started looking over it. I didnt realize i was walking into a person until i felt them. I looked up and found Ian Summers staring at me. He smiled down at me. "Hey, Lily." He said smiling. He had a cute dimple smile. I smiled back. "Sorry." I said looking down shyly. "Its fine." "So where are you headed?" "Math." I said. Ian took my schedule. "Im actually headed to Mr. Roberts class too." Ian said. "Do you want to walk together?" He said with a hopeful expression. "Yeah, that would be nice." I said smiling. "So, how was your summer?" Ian said looking at me. His eyes were a light blue color. "Umm,it was interesting" I said. Ian looked at me. "Interesting hun, how so?" He said with a curious expression. We reached the door. I stepped on my tiptoes. Whispering in his ear. "Secrets are what make life interesting." I pulled away to find Ian smiling. I smiled back. I looked inside to see Matt glaring at me. My stomach filled with butterflies. He was jealous. I had seen this look before.

"Where are we going?" I said looking at the darkness passing us. "Packs." Matt said with a smile. "Happy birthday." He said. I smiled. I started seeing lights. We pulled into the parking lot. It was packed. "He handed me an id." The girl looked alot like me. I looked up at Matt. "My cousin." Was all he said. He took my hand. His hand was warm it felt nice. It felt right. We walked to the bouncers showing him our ids. He looked at us before shaking his head. He smiled. "You kids have fun." He said. Matt pulled me through. It was excatly how i imagined. It was all black but there were rainbow lights everywhere. It was warm. I slid of my jacket. I turned to see Matt staring at me. "What?" I said suddenly nervous. "You look amazing." He said pulling me close. I smiled. "Oh i do hun?" I said my lips so close to his i could feel his breathe. "Yes, you do." He said pulling away from me. He held my hand and pulled me to the middle of the dance floor.
Chris browns Oh my love Matt pulled me close to him. His warmth invading my body. I inhaled his scent. He smelled like a mix between the woods with a touch of cinnamon. The song started to fade. "Im going to go and get us something to drink." He whispered to me. He kissed me lightly on my ear. I shivered from his touch. He left. Another song by Chris brown came on Say it with me. I felt a pair of warm hands wrap around. I turned expecting to see Matt. But i was met with a Daniel. "Daniel" I said hugging my best friend. "Happy Birthday Lily Poo." He said pulling me close. I hugged my bestfriend knowing it wouldnt last long. "Hows Nebraska?" He said moving us to the music. "Boring." He said with a sad expression. "Hows life here?" Daniel asked. "Great." I said smiling. "Who is he?" Daniel said with a smile on his face. I knew i could trust him. "Matt leethan." I said. "Lily?" I heard Matt say my name. I turned to see his face angry. He walked away from me. I turned back to Daniel. "Im sorry." I said before running off. I ran outside. "Matt," "Wait." I said yelling. I caught up to him grabbing his hand. He pulled away from me. "Go back to your boyfriend!" Matt yelled at me. I laughed. He looked even more upset. "Thats Daniel one of my bestfriends not my boyfriend Matt." I said laughing. Matt looked at me i could see he was fighting hard not to smile but failed. He shook his head smiling. He pulled me close. "Dont leave me Lily Bear." He whispered against my lips. "Im not going anywhere." I whispered back. "You know what i want for my birthday?" I whispered. He pressed his lips to mine. When we both out of breathe he looked at me and smiled. "Happy Birthday."

I looked away from Matt. I looked at the list on the board. It was a sitting chart. I looked for my name my stomach dropped seeing who i was seated next to. I turned around and found Matt smiling at me. It took all my will not to smile back. I walked to my sit and sat down. I felt a warm hand on my leg. I willed myself to look in to his gray eyes. To find the sprinkles of blue in them. His hand squeezed my leg lightly. I laid my hand on his curling my fingers with his before pinching him lightly. He moved his hand. I looked at him. I saw the pain in his beautiful gray eyes. " Things are going to be different this year." I said.

Okay you have met Lily and Matt. This is one of my stories. Im going to explore with Lily's character. I hope you enjoyed this story. Thanks for reading. Please Comment.

Songs that inspired me-
Trifonie- lies (theme song)
Erin mccarley-
Pitter pat
Glory head

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