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you and Jacob had been friends forever. You are embry's twin sister so you hang around with jacob alot!
you are secretly in love with him ! you see that he is madly in love with bella and you dont mind because
you care about him that much. What u dont know is that he too loves u but he is pushing 4 bella because
he knows he cant have her. (Guys like to go after things they cant have) Jacobs POV: Bella and Alice are
packing up to go to volterra to save edward. I say, ''Don't go.'' pleading bella to stay with me. Bella says,
''Please, please please, take care of Charlie.'' Alice says, ''Bella, get your wallet and passport. We need to go.
Move dog.'' I say, ''Please bella im begging.'' Bella says, ''Jake i have to-.'' I say, ''Dont die bella.'' I ran out
of the swan house as fast as i could. I had to get back to the rez. I cant take this pain. YOUR POV: You are walking along
the beach waiting for Sam to give the signal so you can start your patrols but when you look up you see a pain stricken Jacob
run into his house. You know you need to help him. You walk into his house and he u see him standing in the living room trembling.
he says Dionna leave now. you say, ''no. something is terribly wrong jake. you need to talk to me.'' JAcob keeps looking
at his wall but you could see his red swollen eyes. you say ''Jake.'' no answer. you wait awhile. you whisper, ''Jacob?'' still
silence. You see him tearing up. ''Jake please talk to me'' you say as you shake his shoulder. This releases another tear
from his eye but he looks down at you. ''Jacob. Tell me whats wrong im begging you. You're scaring me.'' His lower lip
trembles and he bites it and looks down. ''Sh-she-she l-left. shes gone.'' You frown not knowing what he is talking about.
''You put your hand on his arm and say, ''who left? what are you talking about?'' he breaks down and burries his face in
your shoulder saying, ''She's gone! she is not here anymore!'' he is crying really hard and you feel his hot tears soaking
through your shirt. You think he means someone died but u still cant get a straight answer from him. You let him calm down
before you ask him again. his head is still burried in your shoulder as u rub his back telling him it will be ok. Jacob says,
''it wont.'' and starts crying again. YOu start taking deep breaths hoping that he will catch on and he start breathing slowly
too. It works and he calms down again. His tears are replaced with anger. He turns his head to the side of your neck so you can
hear him better. ''Dionna. You need to leave now. i couldnt live with myself knowing that i hurt you.'' His hot breath on your
neck makes you shiver. u grab his face and put it inches from yours. You look deep into his eyes and tell him, ''No. I need to
stay here and find out whats wrong with you. I'll take the chance of being hurt. I'll heal quick enough.'' You then notice how
close you guys are and u want to close the distance between your lips, but you know its not a good time to confess your feelings
for him. You fight the urge to press your lips against his. YOu feel your heart racing out of your chest and you know he can hear it.
After afew seconds like this your heart calmed down. you still had his face in your hands though. JACOBS POV:Hazle's
are so hypnotizing. im in l0ve with this girl and she cares back. how can i put her through this. Im crying over another
girl when i have a perfectly good one standing in front of me. YOUR POV: ''Jacob, you really have to tell me whats wrong.''
His eyes fall to the floor and he goes into hysterics. He starts crying and drops to his knees. ''Bella! She left with them!''
He burries his face into your stomach now and u place your hand on his head. the sounds of his torture make your heart start to ache.
YOu find the strength to ask the question that you already know tha answer to. The Cullens. ''who'd she leave with Jake?'' He whimpers
and gasps trying to catch his breath. ''The Cullens.'' he said. You stand there while jacob releases his feelings on your stomach. you
think how can she do that to him? play him hot and cold? ive been there since day 1 and he still gets hurt by her. How could she leave?
the cullens left her unprotected and the pack protected her. he cries for 15 minutes straight and u stand there allowing him to let it out.
You run your fingers through his beautiful jet black cropped hair. After Jake stops crying he just kneels with his forehead pressed into your
adomen. you pull him up off the ground and hug him tight. he hugs back and u lay your head on his chest and squeeze your eyes shut. u felt one
of Jacobs tears land on your cheek. He whispers in your hair, ''Thank you Dionna. i really needed help.'' ''No problem.'' you say holding him tighter
not wanting to let him go. You drag him to his couch and slump down. he lays down and rests his head on your lap. You guys fall asleep in this
position. You wake up 6:30 the next morning and Jacobs head is facing your stomach and his arms are around your waist. His warm breath keeps you
warm. You admire his flawless features as you stroke his hair. He sighs in his sleep and u smile. U turn on the Tv and watch the news. JACOBS POV:
I wake up at about 7:45 and notice my position on Dionna's lap. Im very comfortable and i dont want to move. I see her shirt is lifted at the bottom
some from my arms wrappped around her. ;)she still thinks im asleep 2 hmmmm....YOUR POV: Jacob blows against your stomach and it really tickles.
YOu jump up and shreik with your heart pounding out of your chest. He fell on the floor laughing. you can barely breathe. ''Jaocb! *pants* i thought
u were *pants* asleep! dont do that *pants* you know it tickles me!'' He just rolls on the floor laughing! ''I got you good huh?!'' hm. u think. He
wants to play dirty does he. he is still laughing so he pays know attention to u straddling over him. Each of your knees on the other side of his
hips. You then tickle the crap out of him! he is flipping and flopping on the floor trying to catch his breath while laughing. You are laughing too
because his laugh is so cute! ''*pants* Dionna stop please!'' u grin and and roll off him and lay on your back still laughing with your eyes closed. u
stand up and so does he. he then gives you a evil smirk and says, ''You give up? you seem soo tired.'' he winks. ''Never.'' you say ''Oh really.''
he says. and gives you that evil grin again. Your eyes get wide and you say, ''No, Jake don-- ekkk!'' he pinned you to the ground and started
tickling you. He knew all your spots and he was way stronger so there was no way of escaping. ''*pants* u jerk!'' u say playfully. he is still
straddling over you but he stopped tickling u. u close your eyes and welcome the heat that is overtaking your body. JACOB POV: God she is beautiful.
how could i not love her. YOUR POV: after you catch your breath u say, ''Seems like someone is in a better mood. u hear him chuckle and say,''
Dionna open your eyes'' ''whhhhyyyyyy?'' u whine. ''Just do it.'' he sighs. U open your eyes to see Jacobs face inches from yours again. You find
that you are holding your breath. ''Dionna i love you. Im sor-'' you cut him off with a kiss. all u needed to hear was that he loved you. you here
fireworks go off. To your surprise he kissed u back. he broke the kiss and said, ''wow. did u hear that?'' you nod your head yes. and he says,
''im sorry i was obsessing over bella yesterday i was just hurt.'' ''I was never jealous of her. I just always wanted you to be happy. If she made
you happy then that was fine by me.'' Jacob says, ''only u could be that understanding.'' he then presses his lips to yours once more. ''Will u be
my everything Dionna?'' he asks u against your lips. ''Would i have kissed you if i didnt want to be?'' he laughs ''guess not.'' with that u guys fall
into your lives where you are together forever

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