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I think that Midnight Sun Twilight Saga Book 5 should be finished

My name is Catherine, I am 18 next month and a mother of almost a 12 month old and expecting as well, broke up with my ex who is in the military. I started out reading Twilight and then gotten to read all the rest of the books. I think that Stephanie Meyer is a great author, an amazing person and very gifted. I would like to say is that It is not just that persons fault, it is Stephanie Meyers fault as well. I think that Midnight Sun, Twilight Saga book 5 should be finished and sold out in stores, I think that it's not fair to us, The FANS to suffer cause of what has happened. Stephanie Meyer gave out that copy and trusted that person, if she had not gave that person that copy it would of never been leaked out nor nothing like this would happen. I think no matter what the case is, its still not our faults to suffer for. I know this is harsh but i really think that Stephanie Meyer should finish that book, not now but sometime and sell it in stores. Yes you probably read the copy online so what doesn't mean you wont Buy the BOOK.. :D which of course will happen. This would be great for Stephanie Meyer i think, It would help out in the long run.. It's not fair to Stephanie Meyer nor us to suffer through this. But She has the right to put her foot down and we all respect that. No matter what happens She will always be my number one Favorite Author.. I do love New moon and the rest.. But it would be really great if she made the book and sold it.. She is a very smart woman and very nice and kind.. She deserves it all.. Hope this all works out..

I will be dying to read that book when its out in stores..

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