The Twilight Saga

I Want You (A Carmen and Edward Love Story) Spinoff to I Need You (A Jacob and Bella Love Story)

Carmen Emily Black-(Daughter of Jacob and Bella Black)-Half Wolf/Human

Edward Anthony Cullen-(Son of Esme and Carlisle Cullen)- Vampire

**I will post the chapters on here**


I walked in the door of the Cullen's shop and instantly locked eyes with my new soul mate..Edward Cullen..the guy who tried to kill my parents.

CHAPTER 1- Fishing Poles (Carmen's P.O.V)

Carmen,can you go get us some fishing poles from the Cullen's Camping Supply Store?” my mom asked me. “Sure, how many you need and why?” I asked her. She knows I hate surprises. She laughed and said “Five, and for a thing we're doing. Mind your business please.” “Okay, I'll go get them for the 'thing' your doing.” I said. “Oh,and mom can I go over to Jessica's house after I pick up the fishing poles?” I asked her. “Sure, just get home before it get's after 9pm please.” she said stressing the please. We were gonna go cliff diving so I ran to my room and put on my cliff diving clothes ( ). I ran out the door and hopped in my car ( ) being 17 means I have my own car and don't have to drive my parents car ( ) which isn't exactly what I would call fashion forward. I pulled into the parking lot and got out the car. I walked in the door of the Cullen's shop and instantly locked eyes with my new soul mate..Edward Cullen..the guy who tried to kill my parents. Uh Oh. I can't live without him. How was I supposed to tell my parents? Now he was my world. I want to partly blame my parents because if it wasn't for my mom having me with a werewolf I wouldn't be part were wolf that could imprint,but the thing is they don't control who I fall in love with or what my heart wants. Even if it is a Vampire. The Vampire. My Vampire. Well, this better be a shark free fishing pond. 'Cause you're probably gonna throw me overboard.

(My other post of this story got deleted so I'm reposting and this is the only chapter I have a copy of exactaly)

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Comment by Kayla McCoy on August 10, 2010 at 1:40pm
Okay I think I should add a chapter now because Half Breeds worked hard. P.s- We've been emailing ideas to each other for the story and it's gonna be great!
Comment by Half Breed on August 10, 2010 at 1:13pm
Chapter 5 Yummy

Carmen's POV
Jess, my mom and I where in the kitchen when my dad got back. He came in with a smile on his face. "So I guess everything went go then." my mom said to my dad. "Yea a little bet better than I thought." He kissed my mom on the top of the head and then kissed her belly and then smiled when my little sister kicked at him. "So Mrs. B when is the baby due?" Jess asked my mom " Well we hope here in the next 4 weeks but if she is anything like Carmen she will hold out to the very last minute." my dad laughed and added. "We she didn't want to come out tell the exact date and time the doctor said she would be her. It was so funny." my mom punched him in the ribs and he grabbed his ribs like it hurt him but we all know it didn't. "So my lady's what are we eating for dinner? I thought we would have the fish we had count today but that went south." he put his head down a little but popped it back up. "But, anyways how about we all go out to eat?" "That sounds great honey." "Yea I thought it would be nice to go out and eat so you don't have to cook. I know cooking makes you get hot flashes." "Yea it does." then my mom put her head back and opened her mouth and started to fan her self. We all busted out laughing at her and out the door we went................. In the car we where all trying to find a place we wanted to eat. "How about the old steak house on rout 17." Jess said. "No we went there last week." said my mom. "How about we go to that new Italian place they just opened up her in town. I was told that is was Great." I said. "You know baby girl that sound good to me how about you Bells?" "Yea works for me." "So who opened the new store?" my dad asked me. "I really don't know. No one has said anything." I told my dad how to get there and when we pulled up it was packed. We waited in line and finally got up to the door and the Greeter at the door asked for our reservations. "Oh we don't have any." my dad said. "Well hold on and let me asked the owner if its ok to seat you." then he walked off to the back. I had a funny filling that maybe this wasn't such a good place to eat. "Hay dad lets just go." "Why sweety whats wrong?" I could fell this funny filling in my stomach and it was like I was standing on ice. My hands where getting hot then I lifted my head up and my mouth dropped. "Oh My God." was all I got out of my mouth before my dad pushed me and my mom behind him. You could hear my dads low growl. "Oh Jacob, Bella come in have a seat anywhere you would like. Its great to see you.
Comment by Kayla McCoy on August 10, 2010 at 11:01am
you could add more if you want to..because i can't think of an old let me email you an idea...okay?
Comment by Half Breed on August 9, 2010 at 10:03pm
Chapter 4 pieces

Jake's pov
I couldn't believe what my baby girl had just told me and my wife. She has imprinted on that that LEECH that blood sucking, bleach smelling leech. Why? Why? Man the pack nor the elders where going to like this. I walked to the wood line and fazed at the woods in front of the house. "Sam, Leah, Seth, Quil, Paul everyone needs to meet at my dads house." there was no reply right away but as always Seth was the first to answer. "Yo bro I got cha is everything OK?" "Yea big bad whats going on" Quil came in my mind and asked. I wouldn't put the images out in my mind I wanted everyone to be there at one time so I don't have to repeat my daughters imprinting problem. "Not know just get to my dads." I jogged most of the way there trying to think of how I was going to explain this to everyone. When I got there I was the last one to get there the whole back was there and like Sam he already had the elders there to. I fazed and walked out. Everyone got quiet. "I have news about Carmen" I said to everyone they just looked at me. " Carmen has imprinted." I looked up and everyone was smiling. "Wow congrats man." "Yea man." everyone started to say but my dad in his old very old age new there was more. I just looked at him. "Everyone be quiet there is more." as soon as my father spoke everyone got quiet. " Thanks dad. Yea there is more. The person or thing she has imprinted on is Edward." my dad just took a deep breath but everyone else started yelling. ' I put my hands up and said " Wow wow wow everyone come down." "Yea right man." "Sorry boss but what are we going to do. We can't let this happen." everyone agreed with Paul. "I know I know but I don't know what to do." I just put my head down in shame. I thought we had gotten that leech out of our lives after he tried to kill Bella and me when she choose me over him when I took her from school that one day. " Ok I have a idea." said my dad. " He just have to take him out of the picture AGAIN." we just looked around at each other then back at him. "But Billy we can't do that." Said Sam " Not when she has imprinted on him it would kill her." " No no, it want happen IF we do it the old way."
sorry for the cliff hanger but I got to try to get my kids to bed I'll add more if Kayla wants me to.
Comment by Kayla McCoy on August 9, 2010 at 2:14pm
okay, thank you soo much..I'm doing good on the boyfriend thing because we're gonna go fourwheeler riding tonight so idk if I fixed it yet.
Comment by Half Breed on August 8, 2010 at 7:07pm
Ok no prb good luck with the boyfriend thing. Ill write chapter 4 as soon as I'm done with this quiz
Comment by Kayla McCoy on August 8, 2010 at 3:34pm
I loved it and Half Breed could you write chapter four plz? my boyfriend is mad at me and im trying to figure out how to fix it..idk if i'll write good being so deppresed. Thank you.
Comment by Half Breed on August 8, 2010 at 1:33pm
Chapter 3 What next
My mom didn't say anything she just stood there smiling at me and my dad just didn't say anything he didn't even look at me from the couch. "Oh honey that great. Im so happy for you." my mom said to me. She pulled me to her and gave me a big huge well as much as a big hug as she could with my baby sister in the way. She let me go and looked at me with tears in her eyes. She let me go and grabbed my hand and took me the rest of the way into the living room and put both of her hands on my shoulders and said " Hay Jake did you hear the good news?" my dad never took his eyes off of the TV. " Yea......I did good for you baby." he said to me with no love at all in his voice. I love my dad and I hate it when he is mad at me. "Dad I didn't mean for this to happen REALLY..... I I just walked in the door and saw him and that's when it happened. Please daddy don't be mad at me please." I started to cry. My mm put her hands around my waist and said " Jake sweet heart you can not be mad at her for what has happened." He got up and fixed his cut off shorts and as always no shirt. I always that my dad looked so funny like that but most all the La Push guys looked like that. He walked over to me and put both hands on my shoulders and looked at me and said " Baby girl I will never be mad at you for imprinting on a guy never. You have always done the right thing and you have made me very proud of you. But, I'm not so shore how THIS imprint is going to fly with the pack or with me." He let me go and kissed me on top of my head and walked out the door. Jessica was still standing at the door with a OMG look on her face. " Um Carmen did I do something wrong? I um didn't know that your parents where home." me and mom just turned and looked at her and we both said at the same time. 'Its ok its just Jess being Jess. Then we all busted out laughing.

I'll do chapter 4 if Kayla whats me to but I got to go for a lil bet and fix lunch for the kids everyone let me know what you think and if it doesn't sound good I'll take it off
Comment by Kayla McCoy on August 7, 2010 at 12:39pm
Chapter 2- The Truth
I ran to my car as soon as I realized what just happened. I had imprinted on Edward Cullen and my parents were going to find out somehow..but I couldn't tell them. They would be so disappointed and upset and I couldn't bear to put them through especially with my mom being pregnant-almost due-and having her hormones all wacky. I cranked up the car and just thought about what I was gonna tell them..or maybe I won't. I don't I'm only 17 and I shouldn't have to be put under that much pressure. I pulled up in the driveway and then all of a sudden remembered that I forgot the fishing poles. Well, who cares anyway. We have things that are much more important. I slowly got out the car and walked up to the door. I turned the knob and walked inside to see my mom watching TV on the couch with her head in my dad's lap and he was stroking her hair. They were so perfect for each other that it hurt to look at. I didn't want to ruin their moment so I went to my room and called Jessica. After three rings she picked up. “Hello?” she said in a scratchy voice. “Hey, Jess it's me Carmen. Can you come over? We need to's like super important and about Edward.”I told her. Jessica knew about how Edward tried to kill my parents but she didn't know how. “Sure Carmen..I'll be there in a sec.” she told me and hung up. I went to change out of my clothes because I probably looked a mess because I was crying on the way home. Once I got finished getting dressed and fixing my makeup Jessica knocked on the door. “Hey girly, what's up? Why'd you need me here. What about Edward?” She said so loud that my parents could hear. “What about Edward Carmen?” my mom said getting up off the couch. “Umm, I...” said to her stammering. What was I supposed to say? “I imprinted.” I told her. She had the strangest look on her face and then all of a sudden..she...smiled.
(Sorry if it's a cliffy. I got to go over to my friends house. But half breed will add for me.)
Comment by Half Breed on August 7, 2010 at 12:12pm
Any time girly. I told you I would find people and they would LOVE it just like I do

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