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hello there. i am bailey,13 yr old gal. not gonna give you a lonng speech about me, im just gonna cut to the chase. kkkk.


i came out as bisexual in school a few months ago. everyone was really supportive and nobody gave it a second thought. nobody has even mentioned to me that according to the bible, homosexuality is a sin, partly because a lot of my friends are not of the same religion as i am. but i am a hard-core Christian, and i can't help but worry there's something wrong with me. i have a good life. nobody picks on my because of my sexuality. but for some reason, the thought still haunts me. i know i am not fully homosexual, because i do like guys AND girls. plus, all the bible scriptures about homosexuality being wrong seem to describe a man and a man being together. God is the biggest aspect of my life, but i find that terrible. i believe if you love someone, no matter who they are, you should be together. i never judge people based on their sexuality; or race for that matter. i don't want to be disrespectful, but i can't change the way i feel about people. the feeling keeps nagging at me & it wont go away. even though i personally have never been told that i would go to hell for being attracted to girls, i know homosexual people who have been told that they're sinning. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW: what do you think about that? i thought God loved everyone equally, but if so, how come some of His "followers" believe otherwise. what are your beliefs on the subject. do you think it is okay that i am Christian but i disagree with the statemnt that being gay is wrong? i am very curious!!! i would like to know your opinion? thanks.♥

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Comment by Bails♥ on July 29, 2011 at 4:46pm
thank you, you gave me a different perspective.
Comment by Mallory OConnor on July 28, 2011 at 9:16pm

I admire your devotion to your religion. Some would become aware of their sexuality and leave it at that. While I am heterosexual, I do have homosexual friends and a couple of them have had the same problem. I personally believe that the messages in the bible have been muddled through the centuries...even the past few decades. With the images from the universe everyone questions their faith. I cannot believe that there is one human being, who is completely sinless. Okay, that may not make sense. The bible was written after Jesus's life by several different men and they had a conference to decide what would be put in this one book and what wouldn't. If you have ever heard of the "lost Gospels". That is what is meant. Think of the consitution(sp). That was a group of men who came together to decide on the fate of an entire country. They had the their opinions on certain things and I am sure the bible played an important part in that. With what we know of science today parts of the Bible are being proved wrong, but the messages are there. But that shouldn't sway your decision on anything. You are your own person. Like you said, you cannot control who you love...or lust after. I know I rambled on and on, but I hope I gave you something to think about. Just remember, the Bible doesn't dictate(sp) how you live your life. It should just show you how others lived theres.

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