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I wake up from a sleepless dream. I wake up and rub my eye lids. I stare around the room, 'time to go to school' I thought. I got dressed in under 5 minutes, and brushed my teeth, and did my hair. I look towards the clock, its time to leave. I put on my coat and place my book bag over my shoulder. I walk out the door, and go on the bus. Once I get to school, my friends are excited to see me for some random reason.
"Hi, Anasia!" Zakiya said, as she hugged me tightly.
"Hi guys!" I replied to all of them
"So, what did you do over the weekend?" Zakiya asked, smiling.
"Nothing really. Just read twilight all day." I chuckled as I said, she joined in too.
"Oh my Edward, did you hear tomorrow, the WHOLE twilight cast is coming to N.Y.C. to promote Eclipse!" Zakiya said, jumping up and down.
"Are you serious?!" I yelled. She laughed and nodded. "Im am so going!" I laughed. We looked around; everyone walking inside school. We followed the crowd. As I was walking, my other friend Alicia grabbed my arm.
"Hello Mrs. Cullen!" she smiled.
"Hey, Alicia." I smiled at her too.
"So, I hear your going to the promotion..?" she asked.
"Of course." I replied.
"Well, can you get my books signed?" she asked. "I've give you Eclipse tomorrow. Okay?" she asked.
"Yeah, sure. Taylor Lautner will be the first, I promise you." I smiled. She smiled and me, "thank you so much." she hugged me, and we went our different ways to class.
As I walked into my science class, I saw microscopes on the tables. 'Twilight, twilight, twilight, biology, Edward and Bella' ran through my mind. I chuckled, and so did Zakiya. I stared at her face, and by the way she looked she was thinking the same thing.
Classes ended faster than I would have imagined. Time for lunch; Zakiya, Adriana, and me walk into the lunch room first. We sit at our original table, of course. As soon as we sit, we talk twilight; as always.
"I cant wait for tomorrow!" Zakiya smiled widely.
"I know right?!" I talked loudly, everytime we talk twilight.
"You HAVE to get pictures for me!" Zakiya crowed.
"Of course!" She passed me her camera and I looked at the back of it.
"Tell Robert to sign there!" she said.
"Oh yeah." I said, smiling.
"Oh yeah." she replied.
We both look behind us and see Alicia walking our way. She had her jacket and bag on her one arm, and on the other is her Eclipse book. How did she get it so fast? I thought. She sat down and stared at me; giving me her book.
"I called my mom." she smiled.
"Oh, I was wondering how you got it so fast. I thought you skipped classes." I laughed, so did she.
The day ended after wards. Tomorrow is the day; the day for my life to be almost complete. The day I've been waiting for.
I got home at three on the dot. I walked in smiling, putting my bag down and coat off. My mom came in and looked at me; like I was acting weird.
"What is wrong with you?" she asked.
"Nothings wrong. Tomorrow, can I go to the promotion of Eclipse! Please, please, please, please!" I got down on my knee's and begged really hard.
She stared at me; like I'm weird still. She stared at me for a few seconds, then sighed.
"Sure. Have fun." she left the room; but before she could leave, I got up and hugged her butt.
"Ew. Get off me. Stop touching my butt!" she yelled.
"I was just hugging you, Mom. Any way, Im happy you said YES!" I hopped up and down while she stared at me.
"Well, Im going to lay down. Your making me dizzy. Jump to much." she muttered and left around the corner.
I walked into my room and stared at every single one of my posters. I stared at Robert first; thinking... 'Im going to touch you so much, you'll arrest me. You'll bit my neck, oh yeah baby! I cant wait!'
The next I looked over is Kristen thinking...'Your my idol forever. You touch the people I would LOVE to hang out with everyday!' And last but not least I stared toward Taylor Lautner; above my sisters bed...'Hey Taylor, Im going to see you tomorrow. Its going to be amazing. I hope you sign my friends book. I promised her. And you too Rob.' I said as I looked at them both now.
'Tomorrow is going to be perfect.' I leaned into the poster of Robert. To kiss him; not him but a paper on my wall. My lips barely touched the paper and I whispered, "If only I were nine years older." I kissed the paper, passionately. Loving every second of this paper. 'Oh yeah' I thought.
I stopped kissing the poster, and stared toward Taylor Lautner's poster. In his poster he is smiling; with his lovely bright teeth showing. I walked over to him, smiling as well.
"We have the same shaped teeth. Awesome!" I smiled, my face two inches away from his poster face.
His face is lovely, his jaw is hard and squared. His hair is sleek and beautiful. Every girl would adore. Someone you would want to be with. A werewolf, a beauty from above. The sun of my eye, the light of my day... I leaned in, thinking nothing but of him.
I touched his lips, feeling the paper, and paper only. 'I wish you were real. Your only seventeen, Im fourteen who cares?! I could date you until you turn eighteen, when your eighteen; it would be called rape.'If only, my darling.. if only.'
"Anasia...what the hell are you doing?" I turned to see my mother looking at me with her arms crossed.
I jumped off my sister's bed and stood still on the ground. Staring at my mom, while blood boiled under my cheeks.
"Were you just kissing a poster.." she turned to look at the face, "Of Taylor Lautner...?" she looked at me, confused.
"Mom, I'll tell you the truth..uh." I thought. "You were just hallucinating."
"No, I wasnt. You--" she pointed to me, "Need help." she left, and I sighed looking at Taylor.
"Im sorry, my mom is so noisy, Taylor." I sat on my bed and opened up Alicia's Eclipse book.
I opened up to the chapter twenty; compromise. My favorite chapter. Where Bella tries to get Edward to do something for her before she turns. My lovely chapter. I read, as I bit my lip hard.
I shouldn't be tempting myself this way. I went to a different one. Skipping pages, not really paying attention.
I opened up to another funny part; I thought about which part it is. Oh, now I remember. When Jacob kisses Bella.
I read when Edward came and told Jacob the warning and Bella being pissed.
'Oh yeah, Jacob and Edward are so sexy.' I bit my lip harder. I touched my lip just in case I wasnt bleeding..I looked at my finger, Im bleeding. Dammit!
I got up from reading it, and went into the bathroom. I stared straight at my lip. 'Edward, can you kiss my lips to make me better..Or Jacob, warm up my lips... oh yeah' I wasnt paying much attention to what I was doing until...
"What the hell is wrong with you?!" My mother yelled; making me jump. I looked down, and I was kissing the mirror.
"Now, instead of kissing posters.. you go for a MIRROR!" My mom looked at me with wide eyes.
"Mom you were--" I tried to explain.
"No, no, no, no. Stop talking. Why are you kissing glass?" she asked.
"I bit my lip, and started bleeding." I sighed.
"Why did you bite your lip?" she asked, staring at me. She was looking at me, like she is talking to someone mentally retarted. 'Mom's these days..' I sighed.
"I bit it, cause.. I love Edward that much and uh.. wanted Jasper to come and get me." I smiled. She shook her head, "You are SO lucky, Im letting you go to this promotion.. SO lucky." she walked away
I giggled to myself, I turned on the water to the faucet and splashed water on my face; mostly to my lips. I turned off the faucet, and placed a bandage on my lip. 'I hope you heal before the promotion. Stupid cut.' I walked to my room. I picked up Alicia's Eclipse book to start reading but, Oh my god!
I look down to see that I had a drop of my blood on her book. Her favorite part of the story, has a drop of MY blood on it! 'Alicia is going to kill me! Oh my Edward!' I started to pace around in my room.
"Now what are you doing? Why, every time I come to see you, your doing something weird?" My mom popped up into my room, once more. 'What the hell?' I thought.
"Just thinking about something.." I told her, still pacing.
She walked closer towards me, with her arms crossed like before. "About what?" she probed. I stared at her; still pacing back and forth, back and forth.
"I drop my ooze of blood on Alicia's BOOK!" I yelled. "Help me, mom! Help me! She'll kill me, help please!" I placed my hands together; like praying, but really begging her. She stared at me with a bored expression. "What?" I asked.
"Are you serious? A drop of blood. A tiny piece of your blood. Thats all..?" She started laughing.
"Its not funny. If she killed me, you wouldn't be laughing." I stared at her, glaring really.
She stared at me, "Dont glare at me, Anasia!" she yelled.
I stared at her, frightened, "Sorry mommy! I love you." I backed away towards my Robert poster. 'You'll save me right, Rob..?' I thought.
She held her hand out for the book, I gave it. She chuckled again, and stared at me in warning.
"What?" I asked, afraid.
She laughed more, "I could help you." She left with the book. But, because I was afraid she would do something, I followed. She turned on the water to the faucet, and put her hand under it.
She dried most of her hand, expect index finger. She put one drop of water on my blood. The blood eventually disappeared. "Yay!" I hopped up and down.
I was so happy my mother fixed it, I hugged her hopping still.
"Okay, okay stop! Im dizzy again. Here." she gave me the book.
"Go to bed, its late." I did as she said, really excited the tomorrow is 'that day!'
I feel asleep dreaming of...

In my dream, it was twilight out. Im walking down this path. I look down, and see the path is red. 'The red carpet' I thought. I kept walking. I look over my clothing, Im wearing Bella's birthday dress with converse sneakers. I look closely to the sneakers. They had the twilight saga designs on it. 'I always wanted those sneakers! Ah!'
I looked forward, finally smiling. Then, all of a sudden I see people cheering up ahead. 'What the?' I thought, confused. I walked a little faster, to see what all the commotion is about. Finally, I see something.. I'll never forget..
I saw this tall figure. He had black sleek hair, with a black and white tie formal clothing on. He is dark skinned, and smiling widely and people behind gates.
'Oh my holy Jesus of this world!' I yelled inside my head.
I look very closely at this man, he is not just a man you see everyday. He is thee, the one and only, the best of all werewolves... TAYLOR LAUTNER!! I screamed and ran towards him. I kept running, I wasnt even getting out of breath; I noticed with surprised.
As I ran, I smiled. Finally, I caught some of the people behind bars' attention. They pointed to me; like I was a celebrity. Who cares! I see Taylor Lautner. I run and run. As more fans point to me; they get Taylor's attention on... Oh my god!
He turned, to see me, running at full speed, straight towards him. He smiled and held his arms out. Like wanting me to jump in his arms. 'This is the moment I've been waiting for...' I ran, and as I was like two feet away from him.
I jumped into the air, and landed right on his arms; that have been waiting for me. He stared at me; everyone around me cheered. I wonder why.. who cares. Im in his arms!
"I've been waiting for you." he said, smiling widely.
"You dont have to wait any longer.." I leaned in to kiss him; I closed my eyes, and so did he, I peeked with one eyes only to see that he was leaning in. I closed both of my eyes. He pulled me closer. 'I...cant...breathe' I leaned in more, and more, and more and...
yes, finally! My lips touched his, he and I were moving together as one. I actually felt his lips, it feels so real. I cant believe this is real. I want more than just his lips. I chuckled. He stopped kissing me, to look at my face. 'No. I still want you.' I said in my head.
"Whats funny?" he asked me.
"Nothing really. Just, cant believe this moment is real..." I sighed.
"Everything right now, Anasia--" How does he know my name?! "Everything here, is real. Im real, baby." Oh yeah, he called me baby. I smiled, smug; my cheeks burning red.
"Whats the matter?" he asked me.
"You called me 'baby'. Thats totally hot--" Oh Jesus, I cant believe I said that out loud! I stared in shock at him; he chuckled. Phew.
"I know. You always get swooned by me. I love you." He said, smiling.
"Oh, I love you more than you could imagine. Wait, where am I?" I said, finally looking around. He only stared at me.
"Today, is June 29, 2010. Its the Eclipse promotion, babe." I stared at him, smiling still. Wait, what?! June 29! Eclipse promotion.
"Taylor, I have to tell you something before I--" I awoke in my sleep. I opened my eyes, staring at my clock that woke me up. Damn you, clock.
I got up, doing the usual to get ready for school. As soon as I got to school, I told Alicia; before everyone, my dream.
After I told her, she bugged out.
"Are you freaking serious!" she yelled.
"Yeah" I said, nodded.
"I would have kissed him, oh my god, help me. I would do way more than what you could have done.." she picked up her hand and bit on her index finger. She always does that when she is tempting to talk MORE of Taylor stuff. I chuckled.
"Today is the day, though. But, I felt his lips. It felt so real." I thought about how real his lips felt.
"Well, are you sure you weren't making out with you pillow? While the pillow was hot..?" she asked.
"Oh wait, I might have had the pillow above me. See, you ruined my moment. Now, when I think of his lips, I'll see a pillow as his lips. Thanks." I said, sarcastically.
She smiled, "No problem. What about Edward? Does he know of this dream?" she asked; knowing Im obsessed with him
I smiled, "Nothing really. Just promise me, dont you dare tell Jacob about this dream. He would freak." I said, with wide eyes
She picked up her phone, smiling. And dialed; pressing different numbers; like 846-697-3215. She pressed send and held the phone to her face.
I stared at her confused.
"Hello, Jacob. Yeah, its me.. ya boo! I just wanted to tell you....yeah... uh huh.. cool.... now let me explain....Anasia had a dream about you. She was kissing you--" all you heard on the other line was screaming. 'Am I dreaming?' I thought to myself.
"Bye baby boo. See you tonight!" she hung up. I stared at her confused. "What?" she asked.
"Who were you talking too?" I asked. She smiled, looking down, "somebody." What the hell! She cant have Jacob's number. This is a total dream. I knew it was, she cant CALL him! I started slapping myself. Alicia stared at me like I was stupid and being funny. She laughed, "what are you doing?!" she continued to laugh.
"Im sleeping! I need to wake up!" I continued to slap myself.
She laughed harder now, "Sometimes Anasia, you can be SO weird. But, funny too. Wow." she stopped me from slapping myself again. I looked around dizzily, "Im dizzy." I said. She laughed, "Cause you slapped yourself like ten times!" she laughed more.
"Not funny. I thought I was sleeping!"
"Thats the funny part!" she continued to laugh harder.

i will write more today, after I get back from school. Tell me what you think of this post now!

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Comment by Lynxie Grace Gaga ~ on April 24, 2010 at 8:57pm
haha it's so randomlessly weird!
Comment by AnasiaCullen on January 1, 2010 at 3:50pm
Aww u commented!! Thanks :) thats makes me so happy. Yeah u probably would. Me, I love Robert Pattinson. My friends dared me to make a story if I loved Taylor Lautner... Ofcourse I did it.
Comment by karley purnell on January 1, 2010 at 1:23am
hehe i think i would be the one kissing him haha JOKING :)

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