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Okay...My bestfriendd is reallly awessomme and i think i am falling in love with himm but i knoww he doesnt like me like that! i mett him last yearr on the buss and i started calling him haarry potter and he would call me ugly but i knew he was joking and this yearr we would really talk and he sat with and we became bestfriends and i think i fell for himm and he would say he lovedd me and i would say i lovedd him but i he was just saying it because we were best ffriends and he would sayy things like he wanted to go out with me and that i was beautiful and things like that but he would never say it directly and never ask me or anything and then he got a girlfriend and stopped talking to me completely....hes broke up with her noww and still barelly talks to mee.........what do i dooo??? im still in love withh him!

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Comment by Adi Barak on May 1, 2011 at 3:46pm
thank u! and guess what?! i actually went 4 it and it went out good! he said that he truly sorry about the bad parts of our friendship and that maybe we shouldn't be friends... he actually asked me on a date!! b4 i told him about my feelings! lol soo i guess it can work out!!... :)
Comment by Katie Williams on May 1, 2011 at 10:40am
good lucl to both of u i know how u both feel so go for it
Comment by Adi Barak on April 15, 2011 at 5:35pm

ohhhh! that's sucks! (no offence). actually, i have a problem like yours. I think i'm falling for my best friend and i know he loves me - just not like that... well i know him for 11 years now and he bearly talks to me either. i know he cares about me a lot and he can be the sweetest sometimes but sometimes - nothing - it's like i'm dealing with a stone heart robot or something! lol

anyway i'm gonna talk 2 him about it on sunday and you know what?! you should either! take control and say something! first about the ignorence thing and than about the love thing. right now, we both have nothing to lose!!! :) soooo wish me luck and i hope you'll take my advice and than i'm wishing you luck 2!

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