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I'm just not understanding why ppl get on this site if they hate twilight

I've kept quite about this because everyone has a right to there opinion, but seriously people I'm just not understanding why get on a website dedicated to Twilight if you hate it so much. Like when i even dislike something the last thing that is going to happen is me giving it my time and money. So if i hate it there isn't a chance in hell that I would even give it a little of my time or a dime of my money. In my opinion all those people that get on this web site that don't like the twilight saga the movies, or books need to get a life and stop trying to ruin the site for everyone else. I get you have your opinion but if you are giving your time and your money to something you hate then maybe your real problem isn't with twilight. Like there are singers I don't like so i don't buy their music or join in fan clubs or even go to concerts of theirs. Why? Oh because i have better things to do with my life. Again I just don't understand why even bother if you all really feel that way. Don't really care for a response from those who hate the site or The twilight Saga because I also don't like to argue on this site, (I come to the website because i enjoy the peace, love and twilight) debating is one thing but so far the people i've come across that don't like the site are very rude to those of us who love it. Just wanted to put my opinion on the matter, that's why i wrote it in my blog and not as a discussion for the entire site.

Those of you who love the site as much as I do. I luv you guys and am happy to make the new friends I've made over such a great website, books and movies. (^_^)

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