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Inconsistencies/changes in each twilight movie: What is the good, the bad and the ugly?

I adore  Twilight..the books..the movies and the actors...but, Consistency has been an issue for me within the twilight MOVIES since Catherine Hardwicke made her decision to depart from directing any more of the Twilight movie series.

Catherine set the foundation and tone for the remaining book/movie adapations. I think she really did a fabulous job...she gave the next directors a wonderful cast, glorious and lush visual acuity..and a "indy", sexy,  romantic, dark and sultry, base core to work with. I really have no complaints about CATHERINE, I thought her work was genius...

             I. liked the blue tinted hue(I know many hated it)

            2. liked choice of actors, Pattinson, Stewart.. ect.

            3. Edgy, indy feel..(could have been sappy, cheeseball 

               in the wrong directors hands.     

           4. Crafty camera/lens angles/closeups..wideshots to 

                 convey emotion or drama   

             5. The Cullen home architectural concept(brilliant}

             6. Baseball scene-awesome and well done with camera

                   angles,closeups and muse background music

             7. The MAKEUP AND HAIR- the best!!! hands down.

                    Edward makeup/hair/wardobe was perfect...the most

                     inconsistent element in the entire series... WHY???

                    that made me sad and it was very "ugly" and got worse

                    in each movie installment/different directors

             8. sexiest kiss in history...Pattinson's acting out that

                    scene with the slow, painful delivery was!

             9. Ballet studio/James/fight scene

            10. The prom scene(gazebo). The awesome soundtrack,

                       Pattinson's songs Never think and let me sign.

only problem I had with hardwicke/twilight was to include more character development..but she made up for it in other areas that I stated above. She modified the book alot..but I think those changes translated well on screen. For example, instead of edward telling Bella he's a vamp in the was in the forest/meadow...much more effective...I thought.(I know twi-book fans are will hate me for that one).  

NEW MOON...I really liked New  Moon...a lot.  a close runner up with Twilight. I think Chris weitz is an amazing director..very creative and visual. He followed hardwicke's undertone with a twist of old world charm. Like the use of color to depict emotion or animated camera work(the painting featuring the carlisle and the volturi) it worked on many levels and then it didn't.

1. The dream mirror sequence/aging bella was awesome...Edward in the old world frock coat and sparkle effect was fantastic. Just plain COOL!!!!! The Contrast old bella/young edward was so effective for me and really set the tone for the rest of the movie.

2. Paper cut scene..amazing camera work...awesome acting with all the actors in that scene.  Pattinson especially effective with his non verbal/body language full of self loathing and disgust for himself and jasper.

3. Scene with Carlisle sewing up  Bella's cut. Carlise discussing his soul and he being "damed" gave insight to the character. The symbolic use of blood/fire in that scene..really good.


4.Edward's reluctant birthday can feel his pain...and actually see his lower lip quiver.. when he struggles and pulls away from Bella's desperate grasp to hold on to him. She innately knows she's losing him... it's all in the acting details.. Amazing..

5.When Edward tells Bella he's leaving...great camera shot of eyes and emotion "Bella" I don't want you to come" the eyes look red rimmed , raw and intense almost like he's been crying  or holding back tears. (if a vampire could cry).

6. window scene when time transposes before Bella's eyes..depicting her mourning  Edward's absence, the depression so debilitating she is stagnant and frozen..while life progresses with out her. Bella loses apart of herself when Edward departs. The colors she wears are dark in tone/flat, hair unkempt and just an overall apathy for herself and others. Chris did a Great job conveying her saddness, isolation and mental/physical anguish over the lose of Edward

7. I liked the look of the Wolves..wind blowing through their hair. realistic..Bella reflection in jakes's iris. The Jacob chasing victoria scene..very cool action CGI/action effects. The crow above victoria's head was a cool symbolic touch...

8. Bella saving Edward from Volturi..slow motion camera work and Bella running through fountain was so effective and powerful. Stewart really powerful in that scene. Visual atmosphere of Italy cohesive with old world look and hue to the entire movie.

9. Introduction of the Volturi: Michael sheen (Aro) and Fanning (Jane)...great choice by Chris to add to the amazing cast. (great makeup on Aro and Jane)

10. Details...Edward's shoulder shimmered in sunlight (briefly) when putting robe on to speak to the Volturi with Bella in Italy.

11. hate.. hate...the makeup job on Edward at the end of movie. Too red lips, bad white foundation applied too think. He was a fine line away from being The Joker in drag. (ha), Rosalies hair...looked like a pre-molded plastic devise..and Jasper...poor Jasper...who knew there was a good-looking man under that poodle monstrosity for hair. (ha)

12. Edward raided his great, great grand father's closet. What??? I get the frock coat in the beginning, and the suit at Bella birthday, and even I'll give weitz trying to convey  Edward wearing the same clothes since leaving bella a metaphor for time passing by and he's still mourning/sad for leaving her...the tattered/ripped condition of his shirt...a stretch, but I can relate to the idea. But, why the suit jacket in her room or asking him to marry him??...he looked too old..too much of a contrast with the first movie. I get he doesn't physically why 17 year old Grandpa Edward????

I know Edward is refined and rich.. .and from an era where a suit was a daily custom of dress for a gentleman...The old world, rich layered  undertone works for me but then it doesn't. Luke warm about the whole stylization of Edward in new moon...didn't hate his was just pattinson's hair(still good), but not Edward hair.


David slade is an action man. I liked the action and more insight on the characters. (jasper). That was all good. New born army/ victoria was good, also, I like Ron Howard's daughter as Victoria...very good replacement.(I still like original victoria, too). I think Pattinson played his weekest role in this movie...due to the script or direction...I don't know what it was. I didn't feel as connected to him and his character. ( maybe showing growth and maturity), not as intense..but great as usual. However, I loved the proposal/bed scene...Pattinson's acting was spot on and I felt his "giddie" excitement for having a sleep over with his girlfriend.(ha) His eyes were on fire, Literally smoldering in the dim lights like a cat..yearning with anticipation, sexuality and romance. I really liked that scene.

Now speaking of eyes..those contacts..were over the top..just too obnoxious. It worked for me in the bedroom/proposal/makeout because it intensified the "buttery" sexual undertones in Edward's emotions/eyes  appropriate for that scene. The contacts maybe work for the fight scene with victoria...contrasting the pure whiteness of the snow...and the white reflection of snow made his skin appear whiter. (yikes) it was  a cross between michael jackson white/casper the ghost. Not flattering and too white. Edward's hair...I give was "flat at times"...just not that flattering and very inconsistant from previously movies. I think slade lost it in the details. He had great CGi wolves and action..but lost some of the 'indyness." Wardrobe was more consistant with Twilight...overall..I liked Eclipse...but for me, it was a more commercial experience and less" edgy/surreal" feel to it that I loved in catherine's Twilight. It has a slight Indiana Jones feel...just a little. (ha).


Breaking dawn was the most different of all the films and books in the twilight series. lets start with the things I liked.

1. the wedding/dress/details..overall beauty. Shakespearean was stunning.

2.Parts of the honeymoon..Bella's fear  as virgin before having vampire sex with Edward for the first time...was really well done.(gotta hurt,ouch)

3. When they're in the water before they make love...he says" you're so beautiful" that sulky, silky ran chills done my spine.

4. Bella seducing Edward..really quite funny and effective.

5. Edward crushing the head-board/bed and the feathers every where.

6.Bella emaciated/skeletal CGI pregnancy transformation....AMAZING!!!!!!!! Especially when a stunned/appalled Edward over looks seeing her boney frame before taking a bath... powerful....evoked great emotion.

7. When Edward hears the baby talk or hears thoughts... and the baby says he loves Bella.. Almost like the book...I feel Condon coulds have let the audience expand and share  those emotions a little longer between Edward and Bella...Edward actually "laughed and it almost sounded like a" cry" of relief and deep seeded emotion for his unborn child.

8.The birth scene...just amazing...Stewart really showed her acting chops was viseral with pain, love, birth and death. Pattinson  made EDWARD ALMOST CRY.. IF a vampire COULD...Edward became almost human...being transformed by the love that was bestowed upon him with the birth of his hybrid baby girl.It was scary when Renesmee bit remind her that she may look human but is still part vampire. Edward trying to save Bella was pretty intense..but, I don't get what everyone saying it was so graphic. Not graphic..tastefully done..even when  Edward performed the vampire was just suggested. I liked Edward literally biting into all the pulse points of Bella's body to save her and turn her into a vampire...that was just "cool.

Things that were "bad"...again.. "the Edward hair"..God-awful(partly pattinson's fault due to WFE)..Carlisle just looked bad overall...Esme's hair too dark. The CGI makeup...just bad, can't replace human makeup artists....sorry. CGI wolves....just Bad...especially when they're talking amongst eachother like Scooby doo tongues. (hated that)...bad..cheezy!!!!!!  No SPARKLY EDWARD, WHY? WHY? Some elevator type music dominated beginning scenes...creating a sappy, soap-opera effect. I hate they left out telling charlie about the wedding and Charlie thinking Bella is pregnant, that would have been a great scene..and I felt it was missing.  I felt the vampire slaughter dream was just kind of should have been more like the book.

Sex/honeymoon scene too short and not expanded or long enough...but still good for PG13. As Rob said "They(fans) want thrusting, not probing or the TIP" (ha) so true.

I liked breaking dawn...elements  of it were amazing, and I can't wait for breaking dawn II.

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Comment by Summer Love on May 22, 2013 at 11:36am

I do agree with you on some points :) I see a big flaw in the movies: New Moon. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and that is the way the make up was used on Edward and the Cullens.

In Twilight they looked natural like they did in the books, so they could fit in more, but the other 4 films, it was over done and it did not look as releastic as it did in the first film.

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