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Damn...I hurt my ankle when I was practising basketball yesterday afternoon...I was enjoying hitting the net for a hundred times till the coach called me and then I ran too far that I nearly fell down on the floor.
I had no strength to go tht I had to sit down. 'Cuz I felt my ankle was particularly painful.
The boys who were playing near by were all glaring at me. And then I saw my friends came up to me. Oh Dear...
I've never got injured before so it really scared me...
It's painful all the time and I could hardly walk.
I have to stay at home now...
By the way I can continue my reading...LOL

Oh thank god I did not hurt the bone I just pulled too hard with my ligaments.
But apart from that, everything was fine.
Hope I can soon get recovery.
Well I tried to be cool but and then I became soooo stupid...
I don't know whether they'll miss me or not. Just wait for it recover.

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