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Hello, people. :3

My avatar / picture is the amazing Hitachiin Twins from "Host Club". (I'm an instant friend of anyone that watches that show. XD)

...And I'm thinking of getting back into Fan-Fiction-ing. I've got a group of amazing characters in my head, and they have the potential to be either:

A) A coven of vampires or

B) An investigation team of Persona-users. (Don't ask. I have some odd obsessions. :P)

Probably vampires though, it would be a lot easier. (Since every Persona game has a different storyline...)

I was kicked out of my own home for three days. ;_; Well, me and my family. Basically, we had to have a maintenance crew there for a few days to fix a major problem in the pipes. So we stayed in this fancy hotel-room-apartment for a few days. It. Was. Amazing. Plasma TV with surround sound, marble counters, hardwood floors, imported was so pretty.

But now we're home, and I have access to a computer again, and I can actually SLEEP. :D

Life is good.

Going on a trip to Massachusetts on the 27th, not getting back 'till the 4th. It's the annual family reunion. I'll get to see my cousins, eat a lot of grilled stuff, and drink all the soda I could ever want. :3

By the way, I HAVE A RECORD. Last night I stayed up until 6:00AM. Beat that. ;)


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