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Interview with My Characters: Kaname Sukkia

Yesterday, we interviewed Miss Lauren Sails Crepsley. Today we are interviewing Master Kaname Sukkia. Please give him a warm welcome.


Me: Hello Master Sukkia- *looks and sees no one there* Kaname? Where are you? *checks watch*


Kaname: *jumps out from behind* BLAH!


Me: *screams then glares* KANAME! I thought I told you not to do that tonight!


Kaname: *grins and sits down crossed legged* Sorry Darling, I must have missed the memo when I was getting a cookie. Did you know that some people don't like cookies?


Me:... Yes I did...?


Kaname: Good *looks tot he audience* because that's a load of bull you know that right? My fiancée said that and I was like what! oh no you didn't and-


Me: Kaname! Please stay focussed! Or do I have to get the old woman again?


Kaname: Bwha! Uh...TALK WOMAN TALK!!!!


Me: *raises eyebrow* Okay... First Question, how does it feel being the Key to the World's end?


Kaname:...Come again?


Me: Key of Destruction? You know, that's why you have that symbol on your hand.


Kaname: *looks at hand* Um... *whispers* I don't think we've gotten to the part that I know about this in the book yet.


Me: Oh...right...sorry?


Kaname: Yeah you better be! Next question!


Me: Well...Let's talk about School of Supernatural-


Kaname: Pass.


Me: You can't pass a question! It wasn't even a question...


Kaname: *laughs* Alright then... School of Supernatural...School of Supernatural...S.O.S. baby somebody help me!


Me: *puts head in hands* what have I created?






Kaname:...Pass. No! I'm joking, I'll answer good now... I know I can be a good good boy!


Me: *growls* How do you feel about being a demon?


Kaname: It's awesome! I mean, I'm not mean...anymore...And I have all these cool powers! Watch! *freezes camera man*


Me: *gasps* Kyle? Oh my God, he was only two days from retirement... Um... Hehe... Next question! Now, I've been hearing a lot of stories about you being a womanizer... is this true?


Kaname: Casper, honey. Have you seen me? I mean come on...who doesn't like the Kan Kan?


Me: I can name a few.... Anyway, I have a list of names here of some girls that you've dated and cheated on-


Kaname: I have never cheated on anyone!


Me: In order! Ulrica Adamma, Violet, Ash Crepsley, Crimson Night, Nikki, Sunny(?), Talullah and you are currently dating Zara White aye?


Kaname: *blushes* That many huh... And yepperz! We're engaged! 


Audience: *awww*


Kaname: I know, I know. *grins* And we have twins!


Audience: awww, Wait...Twins...


Me: I know folks... Are they by any you?


Kaname: Ya ya!


Me: Ladies and Gentlemen this is the time to panic please evacuate the building before IT'S TOO LATE!!!


Audience: *screams in bloody horror and runs*


Me: *claps hands* One way of getting rid of people. So let's talk about Zara! 


Kaname: They all just...left? Woah! *blushes* Swarley!!! Her name is Swarely and sure! What would you like to know about my beloved Zara-poo?


Me: Aww, well from some witnesses and reports...Zara is the Princess of Hell...and is pretty evil...


Kaname: *gasps* My Swarley? No! You must have the wrong girl. *looks around and whispers* Yeah that's her, but she's nice now! Honest to God!


Me: Pinky promise? *holds out pinky*


Kaname: Pinky Promise! *wraps pinky round hers*


Me: So how did you two meet?


Kaname: Well *looks off to the distance* It was summer, we spent most of our time on the beach... Oh summer lovin' had me a blast! I met a girl crazy for me! Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights! 


Me: *sighs* Tell me more, tell me more.


Kaname: She swam by me, she got a cramp. I saved her life, she nearly drowned. Summer sun, something's begun, but uh-oh those summer nights! 


Me: *looks down* Are we seriously doing this-


Kaname: Took her bowling in the arcade. We made out under the dock! Summer fling, don't mean a thing, but uh-oh those summer nights!


Me: Kaname-


Kaname: *sighs* Summer dreams ripped at the seams, bu-ut oh, those su-ummer nights!!!! *jumps up on seat and does jazz hands then sits back down* Actually we met, I think it was when we were having an argument of some sort... It was beautiful!


Me: I thought so, Danny. Well let's talk about James, Krissy and Zane. How are the three?


Kaname: Well my young boy James has a girlfriend called Lilly and he is doing marvelously well! My twins are little cuties! We think that they communicate with each other mentally! Arguments though...


Me: How lovely! Have you been giving them cookies?


Kaname: Hehe...yepperz! Come on Casper! You of all people should know that I want my children to have the same cookie addiction that I have!


Me: I know, I shouldn't have asked! Now Kaname, I've been hearing that you've made a guest appearance in the Saga of Lauren Crepsley. How did you get into the Vampire World?


Kaname: Ah! For that answer, you'll have to wait until the end of my book Innocent Demon. Which will be a long time since your neglecting to write it!


Me: Hey! I'm just a kid what do you expect? I have school!


Kaname: That's no excuse! C'mon I'm frozen over here!


Me: *shakes head* I'll start working on it soon! Alright?


Kaname: Alrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright! Hehe!


Me:*sighs* Last question! Thank the Lord! Will we be seeing you again in the Saga of Lauren Crepsley and can you tell us anything that's coming up soon?


Kaname: *grins* Yeah, you'll be seeing me again. And when you do it will be a sad scene, oh and my agent isn't allowing me to say anything big but I can say this! There's a new character coming into it. One that you all might recognize!


Me: Oo! Both sound good! Well thank you for joining us Kaname, let's hope that we don't meet again right?


Kaname: *chuckles* Oh you'll see me on tv on Friday!


Me:...What do you mean?


Kaname: I'll be attending the Royal Wedding! Duh!


Me: ALRIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Join us next time for Piper Crepsley! Stay Tuned and Goodnight!


Kaname: Hey can watch this! *shots at the lights and goes into total darkness* bad!

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Comment by Ѧηї₥ℯ♥♥ℱяℯαḱ♥♥(Ẏυüḱḯϡ on April 28, 2011 at 4:21pm

I <3 IT! xDDD


He's so silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal) on April 28, 2011 at 3:36pm
Like it? I <3 it! XD
Comment by Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal) on April 28, 2011 at 3:29pm



*gasps* I'm... gonna... choke... to... DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!



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