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Is Jane of the Volturi Dakota Fanning? And what about America Ferrera?

hey guys! welcome to my 2nd blog post!lol ok so i know this is old news but dont worry i knew this like a while ago but i was wondering well actually i was trying to picture dakotta fanning as jane of the volturi but i just cant... honestly i think shes a little old for the part.isnt jane sopposted to be really young with pale brown hair? ok now dont get me wrong i love jane and dakota well not as much as the cullens especilly emmett(lol) but i just thought jane was young, short like alice and oviously pale skinned.... give me a comment below and tell me what you think!thanks!

also is it true that America Ferrera is going to be a member of the volturi? i think if she were in the movie then she would be best as aros bodyguard renata or chelsea although i dont remember how they described them....and they both arnt in new moon...hmm can you help me out with this?? leave me a comment! thanks look back for another blog post from me tomorow or something!

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