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Is your man cheating on you? Girls don't take that from your man at all. If you think your man is cheating on you. Here's what you do. Ask a series of question's. If you find your man getting a little jumpy. Then he say's "women why you asking me all these question's?" Or something smiler to that. You got yourself a chetear. But if your man looks you directly in the eyes. Then he isn't cheating. But if that doesn't work. And you think your man is still cheating on you. Follow him around for 1 day. And see what you find. Check his phone when he isn't looking. But if you go out with your friends and you see your man with another women. Confront your man. But play it cool. If he comes over to your place after your little confrontation. Then go crazy. And make sure he learns his lesson about cheating. If you found this most helpful. Leave me a comment.

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