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For starters:

  • If your a real twifan (whatever you call us!) than it dosen't matter!
  • Team Jacob (GO JACOB!) or Edward ( guess) than you should still read the novels even if everyone else isn't.
  • One last thing if Stephine Meyer is like the BEST AUTHOR IN THE WORLD you should read all her novels including The Host.
  • In Eclipse Bella has read the novel Worthington Heights a million times. (Even though Edward dosen't like the novel!)
  • So if Bella can re-read her favorite novel than WE can read our favorite novel even if everybody thinks it's old.
  • Cuz when Breaking Dawn Park II comes out I'm still going to read it NO MATTER WHAT.
(Unless you've moved on to a new novel like The Pretty Little Liars series than it's alright. Also one last thing Popular Novels are actually really good. Cuz I read the first Pretty Little Liars and It's AHMAZING but TWILIGHT IS OOBER AWSOME! SO BYE TWIHARDS, TWIFANS, aand TWILIGHTERS!

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