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It would be really cool to have a interview with some of the cast for my senior culminating project

I have always had an interest in interviewing and i love reasearching about people and i love editing videos. When i watch movies there is so many questions that run through my head like if you guys really had edward and bella in the tree for that certain scene or did you have them climb the trees with wires or with what like a huge crane that wasnt shown in the camera view. I think the thing that really got me into the interviewing thing is the episode of The real word newy york where Chet interviewed Pete Wentz and ever since then I've wanted to do some sort of collage of interviews or people. I would love it if i could add you guys to this collage. I live in seattle washington so it isnt to far from forks washington. I am a sophomore going into junior year and it would be a could inspiration for me to actually go into this type of carrer. I also am have taken some drama classes and i actually work backstage at a the Highline Performing arts center like Robert Pattinson. You probably get things like this alot but thanks for reading.

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Comment by Sarah on May 26, 2009 at 7:56pm
You are so down to earth!

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