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Time to write about the upcoming Eclipse movie, of course!
Yes, I know it's April. Yes, I know the movie comes out June 30th.
And yes, I have had that date saved in my phone since Twilight was released. Don't you judge me.
So, for as long as I have been anticipating it, Eclipse the movie is coming up fast.
Do you have your midnight release tickets yet?
Just kidding. I certainly don't. But I am definitely seeing it at midnight.

Anyway, this blog is not to brag about who has tickets and who doesn't. It's to talk about how good I think the movie is going to be. And, of course, which scenes I am most and least looking forward to.
Okay. Bear with me, as I have not read Eclipse for over a year. Probably. At least close to a year. Anyway, I won't pretend like I didn't read it three times, but I still feel like I'm pretty rusty on all the goings-on of the book.
I will say this: I quite enjoyed the book when I read it the second and third times. The first time, I threw the book twice and refused to read more than one chapter a day because I was so mad at it. But that was naive of me. I soon learned to accept the beauty that is the tension between Edward and Jacob.
This was back when I was die-hard Team Edward. I won't say I've been switched over, but now I definitely do not consider myself part of any team. I'm a third party on this one. Not even Switzerland. I just observe and make comments. I do not and will not immerse myself in the trials of fictional characters' lives.
The end.
Not really. I haven't even begun to talk about the movie yet. But just as a starting point, I want to establish that Twilight-Saga-wise, I am Team Nobody, and movie-wise, I am Team Taylor Lautner And Whatever He Does Is The Best Thing Ever And I Hope He Has His Shirt Off The Whole Time And I Want Him To Hug Me And I Am So Freaking Glad He Is Legal Now Because I Would Be All Over That.
Just kidding.
I think.

Now for actual movie talk. No more drooling over Taylor. I swear. At least, I swear I will try.
My top whatever moments that I am looking forward to are:

1. Whoa. Hang on one second. I am totally blanking on just about everything that happens in this book. I'm going to get out the only copy of Eclipse that I have with me and check some things out.
I should mention that I technically have two copies of Eclipse. Right now, I am living in my college dorm, so I don't have access to one of them. That would be the one in English. The other one (the one I have with me) is in Spanish. I am a Spanish major, so I figured it would be awesome to combine my two obsessions (at the time, those were Twilight and Spanish) into one epically awesome embodiment. That would be my book. However, I'm pretty sure I only read half of a chapter in it, and I got it as a gift last Christmas. One of these days, my friends. I'm going to trek through that book like a Spanish fiend.

Okay, let's try this again.

1. When Jacob kisses Bella. (The first time.)
Oh, yes. I said it. And it's number one, too. I'm that excited about it. Granted, this was one of the two points in the book where I literally threw the book on the ground and refused to read any more. But that has all changed now. Seeing as I'm rather bitter toward Robert Pattinson, and quite sweet on dear Taylor Lautner, I would much rather see him smooching on Kristen than old Rob. And I do so hope he is shirtless. Kristen can throw punches all she likes, but I hope to thoroughly enjoy this kissing scene. Especially because the little fangirls are going to be crying. It will be great.

2. When Jacob kisses Bella. (The second time.)
Did you see that one coming? Well, I basically like this one for the same reasons as the first one, but this time Taylor doesn't get punched in the face. No need to ruin his pretty face. Again, I would much prefer that his shirt be off in this scene. And in every scene. Even when he's not supposed to be in the scene.
Just a shirtless Taylor Lautner in the back of every shot would be great. Thanks.

3. Jasper's story.
I don't expect them to do a whole flashback scene to Jasper's old days, but at least give us a line or two explaining his experience. Preferably coming from Jackson Rathbone's lips. Let the man talk at least once.
I can see this going down:
KRISTEN: How do we know how to fight the newborns? We're all going to die!
ROB: Don't worry, my love. Jasper here (motions to JACKSON) spent years training newborn vampire armies in the South before finding our family. He knows everything there is to know about how to handle newborns. Isn't that right, Jazz?
JACKSON: (stares intensely with slightly pursed lips)
Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner is standing in the background flexing his biceps.

4. Chapter 20.
If you don't know what this means, go read the book. My gosh. You call yourself a Twilight fan? I'm appalled. For the rest of you REAL fans who are reading on and not having to stop and refresh yourself on CHAPTER TWENTY, I will continue.
Well, first, I'll say that I am really not being hypocritical about being a true fan when I admitted to having to rely on my Spanish Eclipse to jog my memory. Really, I have only used my Spanish Eclipse to figure out exactly how the book ends. Some memory rushed back, so I haven't had to rely on it nearly as much as I thought. Thank you very much.
Chapter 20. The loooove scene. Didn't we already get a glimpse of this scene in Twilight the movie when Kristen and Rob were making out in Kristen's bed and she had no pants on? OHH! That was supposed to be their FIRST kiss? Whoa, things are moving fast, huh?
Oh, well. Even though I hate Rob and I am indifferent toward Edward, this chapter still holds a special place in my heart. I will be happy to see it on screen. I think.

5. Chapter 22.
This lesser known chapter has been my favorite ever since I read it. It is Fire and Ice. It is amazing. I really don't think too much explanation is necessary for this one.

6. Fight scenes.
Fight scenes, fight scenes, fight scenes. I live for fight scenes. In these movies, at least. They give us something we lacked drastically in the books. From the looks of the trailer (I posted the link at the end) the fight scenes look awesome. I am excited. Especially for the scenes involving the wolves. Oh. My. Gosh.

Well, I think I have rambled on long enough. It is late, and I have no off switch right now. Congratulations on getting this far, my friends.
As always, I am very excited for the soundtrack, though I hope it is better than New Moon's. I will blog about that when it comes out too.
And I'll try to actually do a follow-up blog on the movie instead of promising one and never doing it (ahem, New Moon).
I'm very excited! Watch the trailer, it looks great!

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