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Hey guys, so i haven't been able to do any blog posts lately, as you are probably aware of scince you guys are the ones who usually read them. Anyways i've decided to only do a blog post once every week seeing as how I seem to having less and less time on my hands where I can do such a thing. For some of you, this might be a disappointment and for others you might not really care and thats ok. So this post will be a bit short, the topic is the new moon DVD, which came out a while ago, march 20th to be exact.

I got my copy the next day and i watched it and I noticed that there are no deleted scenes which disappointed me deeply, but I found them on the internet, so I guess its ok. I'm just kinda sad that if I ever wanted to watch the deleted scenes I would have tyo search for them on the internet. The 7 minute preview in my opinion was a complete joke!!! I thought it would actually be 7 minutes of Eclipse being shown but it was not it was the behind the scenes type of thing and only about 1 minute and 30 seconds of it was actually from the movie, and that was just the trailer.

So what is you take on this subject? Were you as disappointed as i was about the not being any deleted scenes or not? What did you think about the "seven minute preview" or Eclipse?

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