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Ok i've barely been to my computer for like a long time, but it's only because i've had to study for a bunch of tests, now that that's over i'm back yay. So while I was gone i also read just one book, how lame. One was on the biography of Queen Elizabeth I, it was pretty boring and i didn't even get the chance to finish it how sad. Well Elizabeth was REALLY smart she knew how to speak 3 different languages by age either 6 or 3. I'm pretty sure i talked about this book called Masquerade, Yeah well that was the second book, 'im not sire what's wrong with me but I keep reading books out of order, weird. The first book is called Blue Bloods, and i'm finally starting to catch up better.
So I wou;d like if some people sent in some suggestions of some books you like. It would be cool so i don't run out of things to do in my free time.

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