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jacob (after the big fight story number 3)

i spend my time with Nessie on the beach trying to make her spill. she wouldn't. was i the only one not knowing? i sighed. Nessie loved seeing me guess. she ran and ran. i had no choice but to follow her.

"i want to go home." she said at the border. i was shocked. Nessie rarely used her voice. i noded and ran back with her to the Cullen's house. it was normal in the outside but then i smelled a sweet sent. i wasn't the Cullen's, it was... cake!!! i followed Nessie inside. it was pitch black. then someone hugged me.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!"everyone screamed as the lights came on. Bella was hugging me. she smiled and handed me something. i opened the lid. inside there was a necklace. it had a wolf on it. i grinned. it was gold and it was big enough that even if i changed it wouldn't break.

"open it." she whispered. i opened the wolf and inside was a picture of Edward, Bella, Nessie on the right and just Nessie on the left. "so you'll always know that your a part of this family and that were alway there for you." she whispered again. she looked like she was gonna cry. i patted her back. Alice came down dancing. she held out a cullen crest.

"your officially a cullen. well.. in a way." she grinned and danced away. Edward, Jasper, and Emmet came and handed a box. i opened it. it was keys. car keys.

"its in the garage." Edward said softly. i smiled.

"thanks." he smiled and followed his brothers to the side.

" my birthday present to you was the cake. decorated it with dogs.dont worry. i didnt put any poisen." i grinned. it was good enough.

"thanks blondie." she grinned and brought out the cake. it was the best cake i've seen. it was brown and in the center there was my pack. 'huh. that actually looks awsome.' Nessie came and hugged me.

"happy birthday Jakie." then she pressed something into my hand. i looked at it. it was... it was a friendship necklace. Nessie already wore her half. she wore 'half ' and mine was 'brother'. i smiled. my pack showed up with a pair of shorts and shoes. that was there present to me. Emmet snickered but i did need some pairs. my pack left shortly and everything quieted down.

"this was the best birthday ever! thank you!" i said with a lot of feeling.

"your just lucky Bella remembered." Alice sighed. i smiled and went out. i did really owe this family a lot. they aren't just vampires. they actually have hearts. huh. Bella tried to tell me three or two years ago... lol. huh. then everything was a blur andd the woods was rushing past me.

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Comment by jenny on June 13, 2010 at 7:57am
Comment by Bloom cha on May 31, 2010 at 6:55pm
Love it. u gotta write more.
Comment by danielle nichole shepherd on May 31, 2010 at 5:16pm
i absolutly love this!!! yu have to write more!!
Comment by Bella Cullen on May 31, 2010 at 3:19pm
I really liked this one.

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