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Jacob Black, Oh Jacob Black- i do love you!

Edward Cullen, sexy, myserterious, lustful, and completly perfect. Bella's perfect match, and why wouldn't they be nothing less then perfect. Surley nothing less would do for godly Edward, and for us readers, it has to be perfect.
But what about Jacob? Most of the readers dont even like Jacob because he was such a problem in Bella's and Edwards relationship. He had a attitute that would send most girls running away in the opposite direction but what happened when you strip him away of his only defense- his attitude. He was barly a threat in twilight, just standing back to be secondary character, fadding away in the wooing tale of Bella and Edward - how lovely. He was young, immature, and completly oblivious of what was happening, did we care about him then? No. Then new moon came and delieved a healthy punch to all us readers. I remember my reaction when Edward left Bella, and im sure all of you readers remember what you were doing that day, what you did after, i can even remember what food i was eating because i felt it curl in my stomach when Edward said he was leaving. That day i was at my college house wil all my roommates and my ex boyfriend. It was a saturday and i had just finished reading twilight. Then i thought to myself, crap, im done and i dont even have new moon. That morning i walked to the mall while my boyfriend at the time laid in bed, drunk and totaly oblivious i was going out. It was a perfect time because he usually didnt let me go out. When i came home he was so angry i left to get a book. He screamed at me for spending the money, because my hard earned money went to our groceries. Oh how i did hate him now that i look back and see how he treated me. But that day i was to mystified, a new person lived in my eyes that day more perfect then any one i knew. Edward. Shawn (the ex) ment nothing to me then. I had to wait until Shawn left with his friends that night to jump into new moon. Shawn told me he was going to his friends house that night and he'd be back later. So i jumped into the book and when edward left i was so angry, so saddened,and so heart broken. I felt dead inside as well, just as bella had because as a reader i put myself in Bellas place.
When Bella went to JAcob i was angry at first, she shouldnt be with him should she! I felt as Bella had went against Edward because BELLA WENT TO JACOB. But then i saw it, Bella, Edward erased from my mind and i saw Jacob in a new light. Jacob was immature, still learning and obviously crazy about Bella. He wasnt arogant at first or rude or even annoying, he was just Jacob and we all accepted him at first. Then it got mingled, then feelings got pulled and hurt and messed. Bella was feeling for Jacob too, and so did i. I couldnt believe it! I couldnt believe that bella could even be pulled away from edward. To skip through everythig because we know the story Bella ended up with Edward and broke Jakes heart. While most of us were happy that Edward was back i was stuck there with Jacob. I finished new moon that night, just intime to see the ex come home. Hickeys scattered on his neck and he smelled like perfume. He went to the rippers that night, Ugh. He took me unvolventary then that night, even though i pushed and yelled. I didnt want him! i wanted something else, not something perfect but just something right, something warm, something protective. I wanted someone like Jake. Ugh now that im at the end of my rant i dont know the point i was trying so hard to get at. Maybe i wat to show people that Jacobs not all that bad. And he wasnt right for Bella, but im sure he was right for me. Thats why i loved him, and i felt so horrible for him when his heart was broken into a million pieces. He tried so hard i know he did to put them back and live on. But how can someone live like that? He isnt even like us,the new jacob was aggressive, always on defense and i think thats because he didnt want to get hurt again, but he still tried to make himsellf happy even though it hurt.

Again i apologize for you all that dont agree on my rant that doesnt make sense. It just makes sense to me, and maybe others as well. Jake isnt so bad, i think he was just misread and always had his walls up high. I mean, i can see where he is coming from. When i was hurt, he was there to pick me up aswell through Bella. And im sure when all of us were in pain from edwards absence, Jake make us al crack a smile maybe once or twice. I think we need to give him more credit. I think he deserves more credit.

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Comment by Kelsey on March 26, 2009 at 7:32pm
i understand what you mean about jacob completely. a lot of people don't like him, just because he might have ruined bella and edwards relationship, but honestly, he was still there for bella through thick and thin. even when she took edward back, when he left her in the first place. jacob was still there for her, even though edward was his enemy. but jake let that all slide, so that bella could be happy. and yes, haha jake did make ME crack a smile allllll the time. the funniest part is when rose made that dog dish for him out of a metal boal, and then when jacob was done, he through it at her head and said "stupid blonde" hahahahahahahaha i couldn't stop laughing!!! heres the whole part:

part where rosalie makes the doggy dish for jake. hahaha:

"rosalie, why don't you get jacob something from the kitchen?" alice said. she was invisible now, sitting quietly behind the back of the sofa. rosalie stared at the place alice's voice had come from in disbelief. "thanks, anyway, alice, but i don't think i'd want to eat something blondie's spit in. i'd bet my system wouldn't take too kindly to venom." "rosalie would never embarrass esme by displaying such a lack of hospitality." "of course not." blondie said in a sugar-sweet voice that i immediately distrusted. she got up and breezed our of the room. edward sighed. "you'd tell me if she poisoned it, right?" i asked. "yes," edward promised. and for some reason i believed him. there was a lot of banging in the kitchen, and -weirdly- the sound of metal protesting as it was abused. edward sighed again, but smiled just a little, too. then rosalie was back before i could think much more about it. with a pleased smirk, she set the silver bowl on the floor next to me. "enjoy, mongrel." it had once probably been a mixing bowl, but she'd bent the bowl back in on itself until it was shaped almost exaclty like a dog dish. i had to be impressed with her quick craftmanship. and her attention to detail. she'd scratched the word fido into the side. excellent handwriting. because the food looked pretty good -steak, no less, and a big baked potato with all the fixings- i told her, "thanks blondie." she snorted. "hey do you know what you call a blonde with a brain?" i asked and then continued on the same breath, "a golden retriever." "i've heard that one too." she said, no longer smiling. "i'll keep trying." i promised, and then i dug in.

afterwards, when rose ticks edward and jacob off:

the baby, the baby. like that was all that mattered. bella's life was a minor detail to her -easy to blow off. edward's face went white as snow. his hands curved into claws. totally egotistical and indifferent, rosalie twisted in her chair so that her back was to him. he leaned forward, shifting into a crouch. allow me, i suggested. he paused, raising one eyebrow. silently, i lifted my doggy bowl off the floor. then, with a quick, powerful flip of my wrist, i threw it into the back of blondie's head so hard that -with an earsplitting bang- it smashed flat before it ricocheted across the room and snapped the round piece off the thick newel post at the foor of the stairs. bella twiched but didn't wake up. "dumb blonde," i muttered. rosalie turned her head slowly and her eyes were blazing. "you. got. food. in. my. hair." that did it. i busted up. i pulled away from bella so that i wouldn't shake her, and laughed so hard that rears ran down my face. from behind the couch, i heard alice's tinkling laugh join in. i wondered why rosalie didn't spring. i sort of expected it. but then i realized that my laughing had woken bella up, though she'd slept right through the real noise. "what's so funny?" she mumbled. "i got food in her hair," i told her, chortling again. "i'm not going to forget this, dog." rosalie hissed. "s'not hard to erase a blonde's memory," i countered. "just blow in her ear." "get some new jokes," she snapped.

i mean, HONESTLY!! what is there NOT TO LOVE ABOUT JACOB!?

**also, sorry about what happened with your ex... :(*

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