The Twilight Saga


Book 2 of breaking dawn [Jake is going to imprint on a different girl]

I was at the park and standing there in front of me was the most beautiful girl in the world. I think I just imprinted I said to myself. she started coming up to me.
"Did you steel this car?" she asked in a cute way.
"Just a friends. So no."
" Well your friends much be really rich. Tell me who are they and you are."
"My name is Jacob Black and this car belongs to the Cullen family"
"Wait! you mean THE Cullen family?"
"Yah I've been friends with them for at least a two years or so"
"Wow" she paused,"By the way my name is Lizzie"
She kept seeing me stare at her in this freaky way. All of a sudden Sam showed up and yanked me to the side. The girl ran over to help me.
"What are you doing to him!" she yelled.
"We need to talk to you" said Sam.

We as in Lizzie, Sam, and I were sitting on the couch at my house. She sat by me and I stared at her.She was mostly was listening to Sam.
"Jake and I are werewolves. Some other kids on this reservation are one also. Jake has just imprinted on you. Imprinted is sorta like love at first sight but much stronger then that"
"So Jake likes me" she asked.
"I don't like you, I love you and only you for the rest of my life. Oh and about my life...I don't age" I buzzed in before Sam could talk."Will you love me back?"I asked curiously.
"Yes I will"

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