The Twilight Saga

My eyelids started to flutter. Sleepiness came over me like a wave. I had to stay awake, on guard, ready. Nessie had been asleep for a very long time. Judging from the rings under her eyes she had not been getting sleep for a while. I slightly frowned to myself as I stared at her. Letting my tired eyes bore into her closed ones. It became to much. Just a couple minutes wouldn't hurt....

I was bolted awake careful not to wake Renesmee. I had heard a earsplitting howl.
What happened down there?
Sorry boss. False alarm. Guess you have been asleep for a while.
Yeah. So whats going on?
Everything is going good on our side. Blondie almost got her head bitten off by a wolf though...
Good. She deserves it.
So how is everything down there?
Good I got Renesmee safe in a cave. She is asleep right now.
Ok boss I got to go but I'll let you know if anything happens down here.
Thanks Seth.
Anytime Jake.
Renesmee's eyes were beginning to flutter open. She looked dazed. She looked up at me with her chocolate brown eyes. She still looked tired. We stayed this way until Seth interpreted again.
Jake! We got a BIG problem.
What is it?
The Alfa got through are line of defense and are headed strait for you. We tried to stop him but the others wont let us. You got to get out of there and fast!
On it. Thanks Seth.
Yeah make sure she is ok.
Of course I will why would you even think that.
Just making sure.
Yeah well thanks. Make sure no one else gets up here or we will have a even bigger problem.
I slowly stood up being careful not to hurt her. She was up in a flash.
"What is it?"
I just whined. I sat so she could climb up on my back. She was hesitant but didn't put up to much of a fight. I bolted out the cave and into the blowing snow. I had to get her somewhere warm fast. And I had to be fast. I could hear the wolf not 100 yards away. I ran north up the mountain until I couldn't hear him anymore. When I reached the top there was one small cave. I set her down in the snow and ran in. I found a bear sleeping. To bad I needed the cave more than he did. I growled and nipped him on the back. He lazily got up. He looked young. I growled again and held my ground. He thought about at attaching but advised against it and sprinted out of the cave. I was right on his heals. I let him go when he was far from the cave. I ran back to get Renesmee. She was sitting where I had left her in a daze. I nudged her to get in the cave. We went to the very back.
"Now can you please tell me what happened?" She asked.
I got up and started using my paw to write in the dirt.

A wolf is after us. It is following us. I love you.

She looked up to me shocked.
"Will he get me?"
I froze and shook my head back and forth.
"Will he get you."
I growled. I wrote something else in the dirt.

If anything does happen to me I want you to get out of here. Go to Billy. DONT go to where the fight is.

She just nodded once.
"I love you to Jacob Black."
As soon as she said the words a huge wolf appeared out of no where. He growled. Ready to fight.

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Katie Resch Comment by Katie Resch on November 4, 2010 at 8:59pm
I'll keep you updated.
Comment by Kelley Brady on November 4, 2010 at 6:57pm
Great!!!!! please post more soon!
Katie Resch Comment by Katie Resch on November 4, 2010 at 3:20pm
I try when I can
Comment by Sezzy Isabella Marie Arsprey on November 4, 2010 at 3:14pm
cool so much suspence you have to postmore

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