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Hey guys sorry I'm late, I thought as I ran to our normal meeting place.
No problem boss. Seth of course.
Seth! I growled.
Sorry, sorry.
Paul anything new. Of course there was. When wasn't there.
Ya this time right on the edge of La Push. There getting closer
You and Seth are going to have to tell the Cullen's that there getting closer, thought Quil.
Ya I know. there going to want to keep Renesemme away. If they could kill Sam they could kill her. I just hope that the wont have to leave. I couldn't leave her like that. I would have to go with them. Imprinting always so complicated. But i also couldn't leave the pack. It wouldn't be far to them...
Seth wined quietly.
Quil Embrey and I will take the Cullen's. Seth and Lea do you mine going farther out?
No! Lea said
On our way boss! Opps, Jake.
Ok Paul you want to take the others around La Push?
No problem, thought Paul
I hope not. Then i was sprinting with Quil and Embrey on my flanks.
Did you really mean that you might have to leave? Thought Embrey.
I dont know yet. If we can get them away fast they wont move but if it gets to serious I think we will.
Why must imprinting be so complicated?
Wolf thing remember?
We ran laps in silence. When it got to be about noon I told the guys to head back to Emily's to get something to eat.
Seth and Lea, I thought. They were my most reliable pack members.
Ya Jake?
Lea you stay out far and Seth why dont you get the Cullen's I'll go out to La Push. When the guys get back we can take a break.
On it, thought Lea
Again we ran in silence until the others phased.
Quil and Embrey could you get everyone organized so Lea, Seth, and I can get something to eat?
No problem, thought Quil.
I sprinted back to Emily's. I could hear Lea behind me and I sped up, even though I new she would pass me at any moment. Seth was way behind not bothering to compete with us. Just then Lea ran past me in a flash. I sped up but new that because she was infrount I would never win. I could start to see Emily's so I went to the left and hid behind a tree so I could change. I jogged up the front steps into Emily's house. Lea was already sitting on the couch in the living room.
"Beat ya again," She bragged
I just rolled my eyes and looked at Emily. When I looked in her eyes I could see the hurt in them. When Sam was killed by the wolfs it crushed Emily. It reminded me of the look in Sam's eyes when he had looked at her. She didn't want to give up her hospitality to us although we could all see that it hurt her. I purse my lips and walked to the kitchen table that was filled with an arrangement of deserts and food.
"Hey Jake," she said and smiled. She new that I saw through it.
"Hey," I said and took a muffin of the table.
"How are things with the pack?"
"The wolfs are getting closer," I said and a frown appeared on my face.
Emily froze. I knew that she didn't like the idea of having the wolfs any closer to La Push that I did to the Cullen's. She unfroze like everything was normal again.
"Ohh, well theres sandwiches on the table so help yourself," she turned away and went back to her cooking.
I took four sandwiches and went to go sit by Lea on the couch. Then Seth came in.
"Finally," said Lea. "I thought you got lost" she said with a smile.
Lea seems more happy now, after Sams death. I dont mean that she is happy that he died. Just that now she wont have to hear his thoughts on her. And now she has Emily to keep her company because they are both in the same boat.
"Unlike you two I took my time getting home," he said as he shoved a sandwich in his mouth.
"I am going to head out and help the others," I said and got up.
"Kay see you when were done," said Seth as I walked out the door.

The rest of the afternoon past by uneventfully. I was glad when I sent the others home so I could go to the Cullen's. Although I have to tell them about the wolfs. I phased and walked into the house to see Renesemme right infrount of me.
"Hey Nessie,"
"Jacob" she said and gave me a hug.
"Hey I need to talk to your dad do you know where he is?"
"Ya he is at the cottage with my mom,"
"Thanks I'll be right back,"
I slipped through the back door and ran out to the river. I easily hopped over it and sprinted out to the cottage. Before I was even five feet away from the door Edward was in front of me.
"What happened?"
"I need to talk to you and Bella."

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