The Twilight Saga

I shook my head and then bolted out the door with Seth on my heels. I phased not bothering to take my clothes of in the proses.
Everyone was there. They have been on read alert for the past week.
Everyone meet the Cullen's in the clearing. Their coming on fast.
There was no reply from any of the wolfs. They just did as they were told and left me and Seth alone.
Do you want me to go with them or stay back with you?
No go ahead with them. I got to get Renesmee and get the hell out of here.
Kay. Do what you got to do.
Dont you boys do anything stupid.
I'll try boss.
And for once I didn't stop him.
Once he was gone I ran back to the Cullen's wolf form and all. Renesmee was with Edward and Bella. They were the only ones left. All the others went with the pack.
"Jake" Bella muttered.
I went up to her and waited to have her put Renesmee on my back. But she hesitated. I whined softly reminding her that time was running short.
"Sorry," she said. She looked like she was crying but of course there were no tears on her cheeks. She kissed Renesmee softly on the forehead and then handed her to Edward. He did the same and muttered something in her ear to low for me to hear. A grim smile appeared on Renesmee's face as Edward lowered her onto my back. She clutched fistfuls of my fur in her tiny little hands. I was off.
Running as fast as my legs would take me. I had to get her as far away from the fight as I possibly could. I ran through the forest trying to find a good place to hide. I looked up to see Renesmee's face just to find it was blank lost in thought. I knew she would rather be with me but she still missed her parents a great deal. That made me think of Billy. I never got a chance to have a real goodbye with him. At least Renesmee got a chance to give her amends to her parents. I spotted a small cave that would block us from the wind that was starting to pick up. I ran over to it and set Nessie down on a rock. I went into the cave to make sure nothing was there and then went back out to tell her that it was alright. We walked into the small cave together and sat. Her head propped up on the back of my neck. We looked into each other's eyes for a while until I got a message from Seth who had said that the wolfs had arrived. Everything had gone according to plan. But I didn't want Renesmee to see my panic until it was really needed. I listened to the fight as she started to dos off into sleep.

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Comment by Kelley Brady on October 27, 2010 at 8:10pm
OMG! I can't wait to see where you take the story from here

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