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"Bella!" Edward called out to me. He had just killed another wolf and was running to my side. "Come on now" he hissed to me. His face was hard but pained. If I had any blood in me it would have left my face.
"Oh no" I whispered more to myself than anyone else. Edward had already started sprinting away. I followed going as fast as I could to keep up with him. It was not hard to find his trail. We ran in silence for a while until we were about 50 feet away from a small cave. Edward stopped and turned to me. The snow was really coming down.
"Stay here. I'll go cheek." He said. He looked like he didn't even want to check.
"No I'm coming with you. You are not doing this on your own. Remember I am always here for you and I am not going to start breaking that now."
"I dont want it to hurt you. You know..."
"And you think I want the same for you?"
"I can handle it. I have to..."
"And I cant? I am coming and that is final. I want to be able to do it."
He took in a deep breath and then let it out. "Ok come on." His feet sank though the snow. I followed keeping one arm around his waste.
The first thing we saw was a huge wolf sprawled across the ground. Jacob. I staggered and fell to my knees next to his limp body. He wouldn't move and he was not breathing. Hes dead were the only words that I could run though my mind. Blood pooled around him. He was bleeding at his neck. At least it was quick. It didn't cause him any pain. I sat there for who knows how long. Edward was behind me his hands on my shoulders. I looked up and saw he was looking into the mouth of the cave. He didn't have to say a word for me to know what to expect next. I slowly got to my feet and let him lead me into the cave. I shut my eyes as tightly as possible trying not to see the horrific sight. My mouth was pursed into a straight line. We walked further and further it got colder. Finally Edward stopped. I could hear him kneel and pick her up. I couldn't hear any breathing. I put my head in my hands. If I could cry I would have. I didn't want to remember her like this. Cold and limp. I wanted to remember her as the happy girl I knew her as. Edward didn't want to get to close because he had her but I knew it was time to leave. We walked out into the light. Still not opening my eyes I walked and picked up Jake. He felt like nothing in my strong arms. We ran back to the house. We didn't want to see the others just yet. It hurt to much.
I sat on Edwards lap and put my head against his chest.
"Bella... I am so sorry."
"Dont be." I moaned.
"But I truly am. I knew how much they both meant to you. And me..."
"Its not your fault."
" I know but I still am sorry. We shouldn't have let her stay with Jake. We should have kept her here."
"What are we going to do?" I moaned.
"First thing is first is we have to call Charlie and Billy. They should know."

All the plans were set. The graves were dug and everyone was were they were meant to be. Charlie and Billy were both there. Sheding a few tears. Emmet and Jasper were lifting Renesmee's coffin and placing it into the ground. They then shoveled all the dirt back on top. Edward was hugging me. I stepped away from him to place flowers on her coffin.
"Sleep well. We love you..." I muttered
" Went back to Edward to wait for Jacob. His grave was made right next to Renesmee's. They did the same for him as well. Billy stepped up and said his last words to his son and then backed away. We all stood there for a while and then dispersed. Charlie hugged me and said he was sorry. There was lots of hugging.

Once everyone was gone I ran back out. I used my finger nail to carve-

Long live Jacob and Nessie. You will always be in are hearts no matter where you are.
At least they had each other. Thats what matters...

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Katie Resch Comment by Katie Resch on November 15, 2010 at 8:19pm
From the beginning I was going to kill one of them but the more I thought about it the more it sounded like Bella and Edward. In New Moon you all know what he did when he thought Bella was dead. Jacob would do the same for Nessie and it would be terrible to put him though that. Also this is just the way I take things and you might have a totally different look on the matter.
Comment by Kelley Brady on November 15, 2010 at 6:14pm
OMG!!! i seriously can't believed you killed them both! That is just not right!

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