The Twilight Saga

jareds imprint story part 20

i looked down. oh great now it was time to face my parents. i stood up jared caught me "julie,theres a posibility that-"i hugged him i hated doing this to him, he was going to hear the screams of my parents, but i couldnt help it they were my parents. even though i didnt want them to scream at jared i hade to. jared hugged me back. for a moment i felt much better jared being next to me.but that all ended when i herd my parents screaming my name "JULIE.GET DOWN HERE NOW!" i shuderd. i knew what they wanted, to go back to the stupid ceremony and marry johny. i looked down. i stared up and walked out of the bedroom, jared stayed up there. i saw my parents they were mad all right. i stood in front of them. "julie why arent you wearing your dress, well hurry up and put it on we need to get out of here and back to the ceremony" i cleared my voice "im not going back to the ceremony."i said. then johny came in "julie lets go back to the ceremony and get maried. all i wanted for you is to make you happy lets go"johny said he even held his hand out i stayed in my place. i looked mad at him. didnt i make it clear for him that we werent going to be together. my parents were inpashint and started to push me until i was infront of johny.i still didnt give johny my hand,i was refused to give it to him. johny was inpashioned to and reached for my hand. i struggled to get it free. then they ALL started to push out of the door of the house. i refused to go but they were pushing and pushing. finaly they got me out the door . i screamed "JARED" but i herd nothing. then i knew that jared had left. he only came here because he didnt want me to marry johny. i smiled, jared appeared he was smiling but as soon as he saw johnys hand in my hand pulling me he came up to me and snached me away. i was smiling jared did love me he always did. jared looked at my eyes and spoke "julie i love you and i dont know how many more times i need to tell you that to show you HOW much i do love you, by the way i did hear you scream my name its just that i getting something" he gave me a little box i opened it, it was a necklace, it was so beautifu. even my favorite color. i looked at jared. he spoke again "julie those jems are real while i was away i found them and though of you. it took alot of time. but it was wurth it for you." i started to cry it was know that i realized that jared would do anything for me.. jared kissed me and i kissed him back. then my parents cut in i could see in there face fury, betrayed and so much more that i looked away. i just hugged jared. i took the necklace and put it on i grabbed jareds hand and looked up at my parents " i will NOT marry johny" and with those words my world ended...........

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Comment by Jennifer Kennedy on May 24, 2010 at 2:11pm
wow!! amazing!!!
Comment by Gina Rose on May 21, 2010 at 3:11pm
thanks :)
Comment by Kiley on May 21, 2010 at 10:58am
awesome like always

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