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jareds imprint story part 23

jared hugged me. i gasped another time in pain. jared touched my cheek and said "julie i hope one day you will forgive me for doing this." then he let me go and i stayed frozen. then jared said " im sorry Dr.Cullen, buti cant violate the treaty, i have to respect it, even though it kills me not to know if you will survive." he paused then continued "find another way to make her live" he whispered.i didnt hear the responce of Dr.Cullen. then i felt a sting in my arm, it felt like a needle. i wass was.....i felt like sleeping..............................

JAREDS Point Of View : )

when Dr. Cullen injected my julie, she looked calmer. i wanted to cry, i should be there in that hospital bed not julie, she didnt deserve any of this. But i managed to hold back the tears.then Dr.Cullen cleared his throught. " jared, and julies family, she has lost alot of blood, her blood is hard to get because not alot of people have the same blood as her." he said.Julies mother started to cry then she hugged her husband. I imagined my self hugging julie. But then something acured to me "Dr.Cullen, how much time does she have to..." i didnt want to say the word. His eyes grew sad "i would say about 16 hours" i could hear julies mom cry harder, i managed to nod.the hours went fast, there was a posibility that julie could stay alive but there was another posibility she might die though. Dr. Cullen said her blood type was hard to find, and it would be a miricle if they did. that night i stayed next to julie not once second leaving her side. her parents went to rest her mother needed it more. I had called my mom telling her the tragic story, she said that julie gets better and that i could stay as long as i wanted in the hospitle next to Julie. i went to sleep. when i finaly opened my eyes it was 12:00 .midnight. i looked at julie and then i herd a beep at first i didnt know what it was but then i looked up at julies monitor that said if she was fine if she was alive. It was going in a straight line. julie was dying. she was going to heaven. I closed my eyes i got my pocket knife i always carried it incase of anything. And just before i was about to stabb myself a light from above came and with it a a angle, she had wings she was blond light skinned. she took the pocket knife from me and then with her hand she touched julies forehead. and she shook her with a bright light. and the monitor wasnt a line it was moving and that would mean she lived. the angel from above had saved her from death." Thank You" i managed to say to the angel, she smiled "take good care of her" was her last words and then she went back in the light. Julie gasped. then opened her eyes."jared' she smiled. shockenly she stood up and then came to me hugging me, it was then i realised that i had been crying. i hugged her back, julie was safe in my arms.........................................................................

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Comment by Gina Rose on May 29, 2010 at 6:14pm
its coming
Comment by Bella Cullen on May 28, 2010 at 4:12pm
That was very good!!!
Comment by Gina Rose on May 28, 2010 at 3:23pm
find out in the other blog : )
Comment by Jennifer Kennedy on May 28, 2010 at 2:14pm
Awwe!! How Sweet!! Is he going to tell her what happened?? The angel part I mean!! <3<3

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