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jareds imprint story part 25 : )

jared gasped. "how did you know?" he asked with a smile. i was confused what was happening.i went to jared i looked at him in a confused way. he smiled but before he could talk my parents spoke."julie, im so glad your better. last night we had a dream that an angel was speaking to us saying how she saved you, and how jared was going to kill himself because you were dead for seconds" they smiled at was true a angel had saved me from death. but i was still confused "mom,dad whats with all the envelops?" i asked. they smiled my mom came to my side gave a hug and grabbed my hand then jareds and united them "its a letter to all of our family saying about your engagement, then soon well send your wedding invatations" i smiled and hugged my mother "thanks mom". then Dr.Cullen came int he room he smiled "well miss julie you have recoverd havnt you?" he smiled widder. i nodded. he nodded as well."i need to take X-RAY samples if you have recovered comepletely." i nodded. then we went to the X_RAY room. he took my X-RAYS. he said i was perfeclt fine now and i could leave. we left but we had to go to the mall well jared and i couse i was still wearing my pajama dress, and i couldnt be roming the street with that on what would the people say?. my parents said they had alot of things to do they were planing to contract a wedding person and all of it. i was pleased with that idea. when we got to the mal jared had to carry me there because i had no shoes he liked the idea of this he said that i had to get usto it because he will be carring me alot when we get married.when we got to the sections of clothes for woman to my surpise johny was there....

jareds point of view. i was so happy julie in my arms. when we finaly got to the woman section i smelled poison it was that rat johny. i wanted to kill him but i had julie in my arms.he came to us he smiled at julie but ignored me oh wow very mature. "Hi julie i was acctually looking for a swimming suit for you i found this care to try it on" he smiled i looked at what he was holding it was a red thing although julie would look beautiful wearing it but not showing him. i turned red i strted to shake. but julie kissed me and i suthed down. she glared at johny i liked that she jumped out of me and then she went up to johny and.............

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