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jareds imprint story part 27: ) enjoyyy

jareds imrpint story part 27

julies point of view.

the boy had blue the most beautiful eyes just like mine.he smiled at me and i smiled back.his brown hair was darker than mine. for the entire period he kept on looking at me. sometimes i would blush and he would smile. when the period ended i walked out i could only think af that boy. i carried my books, then the blue eye boy was there he grabbed my books and my bookbag and carried them. "thanks-" ?? i didnt now his name. he smiled. "my name is derek. may i ask whats yours?" he asked politly i was shocked he was so polite to me. i forgot i was sapcing out in the air and answerd his question "my name is Julie." i answerd swetly. he smiled at me." hi julie.may i also ask whats your next class?" i was barly able to nod " i have math, can i ask whats your next class" he also nodded . " i have math to, may i walk you to the next class" i smiled and he was still carying my books. when we got o the class i scanned the room. no sign of jared oh well. again derek and me sat together. the period passed fast. i was with derek the whole day. i didnt even see jared in lunch i was heart broken when i didnt see him. but i knew i would see him in my house he always stops by everyday. derek was funny he told me some storys. he said he lived in la push that made me wonder.. he droped me at home but insisted on coming in. he made me laugh, that was a mistake. i didnt notice the door was opend and i fell but before i could touch the ground derek caught me i looked up our faces were just a few inches away. i blushed and then jared screamed "GET YOUR FILRHTY HANDS OF HER DEREK". jared came up and snatched me from derek i was mad why was he acting like this i wasnt going to put up with any of this." jared thats no way to talk to someone" i said. he shot a angry look at me. i looked down what did i do.i herd a sigh i though it was jared but when i looked up he was still angry it was derek that sighed. " i have to go julie i dont want to cause anymore problems,i'll see you later" he smiled at me and i smiled back although i was heart broken inside he was so polite to wasnt nice to take all of my anger at him he didnt do anything wrong. when he shut the dorr i stalked out of the room i wasnt very happy about jareds behavior. i knew i was introuble. he was in my door when i fell to my bed. i covered my ears i didnt want to hear it i honestly didnt. "julie what were you doing with him?" he asked angrily "well I fell ok and he caught me end of discution" he was just getting started "JULIE I DONT WANT YOU NEAR HIM" i stood up. "you cant do that, this is my life and i WILL do anything i want with it EVEn talk with anyone." i walked out i didnt want to hear it. jared followed. "julie I WONT TAKE TALK LIKE THAT stay the hell away from him" with those words i ran out i was crying. why would jared tell me something so terrible. i hadnt notice i was in la push. i started to walk it was raining.OH great i thought. i was crying harder when someone came up to me "hi julie" i couldnt see the persons face but i felt them carrying me to a house. when i got in i saw it was derek..............

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Comment by Gina Rose on June 3, 2010 at 3:19pm
why dont u like derek bella ?
Comment by Bella Cullen on June 3, 2010 at 3:18pm
I loved it. I dislike dered.
Comment by Gina Rose on June 3, 2010 at 7:03am
im almost done : )
Comment by rainy dawn glassley on June 2, 2010 at 11:46pm
W-O-W!!!!! that is well uummm.... wow!
more soon plz!!
lov it !!

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