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jareds imprint story srry for the wait **

julies point of view.

"dont i get a kiss julie?" derek said. i looked up at him. jared started to shake. and i hugged him what more could i do anyways? derek came to me and holded my hands "julie i love you, i cant do anything about it, i imprinted on you." with that jared punched him.then derek hit back. i gasped. and went to jared and stood in front of him , i glared at him "jared calm down, why are you so uptight?" jared made a growl when i mentioned the word up tight. "you now i love you that i wouldnt choose anyone but you, why are you acting this way against derek?" i asked. derek came behind he and hugged me "julie its not my fault that i imprinted on you, but i cant deny my soulmate" he said, his soft eyes. i looked back adn stuggled to get free but i couldnt. "derek, i now you imprinted on me but i love jared, he also imprinted on me to" i said in a clear voice. derek looked furiouse. "he what?!" then he was staring at him. "you filthy pathetic excuse for a werewolf" he said. jareds got red " im a pathetic excuse, at least i have dignity" he said. derek glowerd at him "shut the hell up" he said. jared pushed him of me "well why dont you come and make me then?" he said pushing me in back of him. "maybe i will pup!" he said. and with that they started to fight. i sighed and thought what did i do to get 2 werewolfs to imprint on me. sam got in and orderd them to stop fighting. they stopped jared had managed to take his shirt of and derek punched him in his forehead.

jareds point of view.

sam orderd us to stop i did what he said i atleast had some dignity. after that i drove MY julie home. tomorrow was valinetimes day and i wanted to give her something special. i knew that derek was going to give her something but i had to top what ever he was going to give my julie.the next day i went to the store and baught something to julie i started to go to her house............

dereks point of view. i woke up early in the morning and i got my stuff i had baught julie.i went to her house. what i baught her was from the bottom of my heart.

julies point of view..... i woke up in the morning. today was valinetimes dayy. ohh great i knew jared and derek would beat them selves up with the things they had baught me. i went to my closet and put this on and this shirt .. i herd a knock on my door it was derek. "hey julie i stopped by to give you these things" he said. and them gave me this " it represents how many hearts i have for your love in my heart." he said. i blushed but then he gave me aww i thought so romantic. i gave him a hug "thanks derek." then there was another knock on my door. i opened it and it was jared i smiled. "hey julie" he looked at derek "ohh joy the pup is here, but what ever that must mean he already gave you your present?" he said i nodded. " well get a load of this" then he gave me this. then he said "this is a rare flower like you, there is no other person in the world compared to you, your one of a kind, your my godess" then he gave me "this is a angel just like you" he said and gave me a kiss..........................................................

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Comment by Gina Rose on June 11, 2010 at 7:20am
who said shes stayin with derek? =)
Comment by Gina Rose on June 10, 2010 at 5:18pm
thanks so much Stacey

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