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jareds imprint story part 31 = )

i took a deep breath, i looked at jared then derek. then i said "derek-" but then he cut me off. he smiled and then gave me a hug. jared let go of me and looked down. i cleared my voice even louder "eh-hem, i didnt get to finish, derek im sorry i love jared i always did i hope we can still be friends." i said. jared ran to me and picked me up then gave me a long kiss. derek noded i noticed a tear fall out. then he ran of shaking. i felt so bad i had crushed him. jared concluded my thoughts. "julie i LOVE YOU." then kissed me again. i kissed him back. after the ceremony we went to a hotel. our first night together. we kissed patinently that night. i kissed him back i knew what was going to happen next. that night. was our first.........................................

when i woke up in the morning i felt great i was jared wife. i had a white blanquete aroung myself. it was silly of me although i had no clothes on jared had already seen me and so had i. i blushed jared had a way with things the way his warm fingers traced my was wonderful.

i instinly wonderd what had happend to derek he left of.then i felt jared hugging me "hello sleeping beauty."he said and kissed me. i blushed.i got up and went to change. that was od. i thought i had packed my jeans, but odly i only found mini skirts and really tight shirts, the only jean i found was a skirt jean. i wonderd.....but then i instinly thought of jared. i blushed even harder.i put my jean skirt and a pink tight shirt. i went to jared who oddly wasnt there i panicked where was he then i felt someone grabb me from behind i screamed, when i saw it was jared i smiled "you scared me" i said. he laughed. "i love you" he said i blushed again, i seemed to be blushing alot latly. then he went to the bathroom with a pair of clothes he smiled at wat i was wearing "im guilty." he said i laughed. then he went to the bathroom. i herd a knock on the door how strange. i went to open it but there was no one there. i turned around and headed to the bedroom, then i felt someone grabb me from behind i knew it was jared i smiled "thats not going to work on me twice jared." i said but then the person covered my eyes. "who said i was jared"... i knew who it was......derek......

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