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jareds imprint story part 32 = )

i was shocked how how did he get here???. he let me go and whispered "i will always be with you always remember that" i noded well barley acctually. he let me go i trembled my way to the ba and looked down. i had so many questions i needed to ask. how did derek get here. how did he know where to find us? why was he still here if he knew that i had already choose jared instead of him. i kept on thinking of that when i herd the door closed of the bathroom. jared jumped on the bed and hugged me and carried me. i was still worried and frightend. jared saw my expression. "julie what happend are you okay?" he asked i closed my eyes.then i felt him growl. then he let me fall to the bed.i opened my eyes i was sitting up in the bed meanwhile jared stood infront of me growling at did he get back?? why wouldnt he just leave me alone??. derek was smiling at me i stood up and holded jareds hands "derek" was the only word i said. then he looked at jared and wasnt smiling anymore he was glaring. "jared." he said. jared looked at me then him he sighed then kissed me for a long moment. when he was done he was smiling at derek.why? why would jared do that. then when derek whimpered i understood it. he wanted derek to see what jared had gotten. i stared at jared smiling that wasnt nice at all. derek looked at me with a sad face. then left. i felt dizzy at that moment but then sucked it out. but i was still dizzy. plus my head hurt alot. i swayed jared saw me and holded me in a grip "julie are you okay?" he asked i tried to nod.he looked at me for a long moment before picking me up, and then i lied down in the bed side ways then he joined me and we were boh staring at each other for a long moment. i blushed then he touched my face with one hand and said "julies blushy wushyy" he sang, i laughed. i closed my eyes. i herd a growl at first i though that derek had come back. but the i opened my eyes and found him patting his stomach. i laughed and went to the kitchen, but i took a step back. i was dizzyer. and i felt so weird....

weeks have passed. jared and me are finally wife and husband, we got a house close to where i lived and close to la push. those weeks were terrible i fainted twice i was dizzy most of the time. until the day i was expecting my period to come and it didnt. i waited 2 more days but nothing. i finally told jared when we were eating. when i told him he dropped his fork. "wat does that mean?" he asked. " i dont know" i whispered. after that we went straight to the hosptital to dr.Cullen. "may i help you jared and julie?" he asked politly. jared explained what had happend. i went with Dr.Cullen. when he was done examining me he looked at me "julie your pregnant" he said. i stared. i walked out slowly. jared was right at my side. "julie what happend what was wrong?" he asked. i looked at him and said "im pregnant jared" and with that air chocked out of me..............................................................................................................

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