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Jared’s imprint story part 33 XD

Air went out of mouth. Jared had hugged me so tightly. He was smiling. “Julie I’m going to be a daddy?” he asked with a big smile. I nodded then he kissed me. “Julie thank you so much” he said. I was confused. I would have thought he didn’t want to be a daddy for some reason. We went home. Jared was happy. I had never seen him like this. When we got home he was sitting on the bed. He was patting some space next to him. I sat down with him. He stared at me with a big smile. I cleared my throught “Jared I thought you wouldn’t want a child” I asked. He laughed. “Julie my biggest dream it was my biggest dream since I meet you was to have a family with you. I will be the father and you the mother.” I blushed. I was happy he was happy. I was especially happy that soon we will be a happy family. After Jared found out I was pregnant. He took it very seriously. He would make sure I was comefterble all the time. I would laugh when he would ask me “Julie are you sure you don’t want thirds” I would laugh. Of course my appetite grew emancly, well I hade to feed myself and my child… there was a time Jared and I knew what we had to do. We had to tell my parents I was pregnant. of course it would be hard to tell them. jared and me had just started out. it was like wat 3 4 months since we got married. i had always told my mom what i was planing to do always. i think she might be upset that i got pregnant with out planning. jared drove us to my parents house. i took his hand. he helped me out of the car. i looked at him and her smiled. we entered the house. i took a deep breath. and i knocked on the door. my dad opened it. oh great the last person i needed to tell about me being pregnant, i bet he would just run to his gun and shoot jared. my mom appeared next to him. "julie honey what a nice visit. jared hello. you have sure grown." he said. i tried to smile but it was hard. telling my parents i was pregnant of jared just after 3 moths was so hard. hard squeezed my hand, we entered the room. i didnt like it at first.we sat at the couch. my parents were looking at me in a strange way. "julie well-... you sure have-..gotten larger by the stomach" she said. i had my poker face on. although i didnt like how my mom said that she meant like i must have gotten fat or something. the nerve of my own mother!. my dad looked at jared "jared you have been feeding her alot latly?" he asked. jared noded. i looked at him he was in perfect control. a perfect poker face. my dad asked then "why?" he said. he looked at me then. i opended my mouth but nothing came out. why was this so hard.but i knew it was a matter of time before they found out, so i cleared my throught and said "mom dad im pregnant."....................................

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