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Jared’s imprint story part 36 (u guys asked me to continue and so I will)

Jared and I were as happy as could be. Until one day. We were talking. "Julie is there a secret that you have that you haven’t told me?" I looked at him. But then wondered, have I kept any secrets from Jared? I found one but I knew Jared wouldn’t like it but he said. “you wont like this one" I began Jared smiled he got up and hugged me then he carried me to the couch where he stared at me. "Julie we need to share these things so we don’t need to find out on our own then we get mad at each other." he said. I smiled. "Your right about that. Okay Jared when you left at first I though u left because u didn’t love me anymore. But I should have known better, when Johnny came and he proposed to me deep down in my heart I felt love for him" I said the last 5 words like a whisper. Jared looked at me shocked. “Julie do you still have feelings for Johnny" he had so say johnys name in a hiss. He didn’t like him not one bit. Then I knew it was my time to talk. “Jared no I don’t have feelings for him not anymore" I said. Jared’s face was blank as if he was trying to figure out what to say. After a few minutes he spoke. “Julie why did you love Johnny?" he asked politely. I blushed and looked down. I looked up again because I trusted Jared. "Jared I loved him because he was always there when you weren’t there" I started to cry. I didn’t want to remember my days when Jared wasn’t there. Jared hugged me tightly. He whipped away my tears. I smiled. He smiled to he cleared his thought and spoke. "Julie one of my secrets is that well... I wanted to ask you something but I didn’t know what would you say'" he said nodded. He looked down this time and spoke lower. He took a deep breath then looked up he was staring at me. “Julie I want to tell your parents that I’m a werewolf" he said. I looked at him shocked I had no idea about telling my dad. I smiled. "Jared gives me a sec" I said I got up while we spoke and I got the crib where cloe and Elizabeth were sleeping and pushed it next to the couch. I tried to push but it was really heavy. Jared saw what I was doing and he helped me well. Not help me because he was the one who was pushing the crib with out my help so that’s not really called help. He pushed the crib next to me and him. Then he looked at me I sighed. “Jared I would love to tell my parents the truth" I said he smiled. He got up got Elizabeth and carried her out side I didn’t know what he was doing until he reached the car. I followed with my adorable cloe in my arms. We drove slowly because he didn’t want to wake up my angels who were sleeping. When we got to my parents house I looked at him with disbelief. I shook my head. He laughed. We entered my mom looked up she started to cry when she saw my two angels in the arms of my Jared and me. My dad followed but he didn’t cry though. I took a deep breath. We sat at the couch. I looked straight at my mom and dad and said. "Mom, dad Jared’s a werewolf" I said.........................

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Comment by evelyn on June 24, 2010 at 11:51pm
i can't wait for the next story
Comment by twilightfan2010 on June 24, 2010 at 6:04pm
this is awesome you are awesome
Comment by Gina Rose on June 24, 2010 at 7:31am
no problem =)

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