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Jared’s imprint story part 37. = ) enjoy

Everyone stayed quite when I said that. My dad looked at Jared then my mom. My mother nodded she came up to me and Jared, slowly Jared and I both gave my angels to my mother. Then my mother went upstairs with both my angels. I was confused when she did that. Until my dad started to scream "JULIE HOW DARE YOU MARRY A WEREWOLF" he spat the words. I was looking at him. Why was he screaming at me for? At once I regretted that though because he started to scream at Jared "YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD TAKE CARE OF MY GIRL “he screamed. I was shocked no no. this is not how I planned this. My dad then looked at me. He pointed upstairs and then said gently, "Julie get up to your bedroom now" he said. I looked at him with a fierce look on my face. I went and hugged Jared tightly. Jared holded me even tighter. My dad got mad; I could see it in his face. "Julie GET UP TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" he said screaming at me. I stared at him. My daddy never screamed at me. I was always his little girl. That hurt. He was really upset he called my mom. I was terrified what my mom came down with, my dad’s gun. How? How could she?? She knew what many things my dad could do when he had his gun and he was mad. my dad holded his gun and said "Julie get upstairs or else you will never see your daughters again" I trembled. I couldn’t live with out my angels they were why I was living. Jared gave me a tight hug then said "Julie go" I stared at him in his eyes I could see the sadness of them. But he cared more about our angels than himself first. I looked at him. He looked at my dad. It took me a minute for me to understand. He wasn’t looking at my father but at the gun. I gulped hugged him and walked away slowly up stairs. I looked at Jared one last time. It broke my heart leaving Jared like that. I knew what was waiting for me my mother upstairs.........................................

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Comment by Kelley Brady on July 21, 2010 at 6:50pm
Please write more I love it!!!!
Comment by Gina Rose on July 1, 2010 at 8:11pm
Jared's imprint story part 38 XD

I predicted correctly. My mother was there waiting for me. The first thing I checked was where my angel’s were. "Julie come in here" I herd my mother tell me. I followed her voice to my room. There were my 2 angel's lying on the bed sleeping. I walked to them. My mother stopped me. "Julie, why didn’t you tell us earlier that Jared was a werewolf?" she said. I glared at her. I knew what coming forbideming was to see Jared. "Mother I just told you didn’t I, if you will excuse me" I said I got my two angels from the bed, I walked down the stairs. My mother was right behind me. "JULIE SHANNEL YOU STOP THIS INSTANT" she screamed at me. I wasn’t going to do was she told me well, at least when I was in the end of the stairs at least. When I reached the end of the stairs I turned to face her. "Yes mother?" I acted so innocent. she glared at me, I glared back it was enough time I was away from Jared I wasn’t going to stay away from him any longer. She then changed to a pleading look. "Julie get a divorce from Jared I’m begging" I was shocked when she told me that. Why? Why would she tell me something like that? Didn’t she know Jared was my soul mate and with out him I couldn’t live on? I stared at her. I was done hiding secrets. "Mother I wont EVER do that, and the reason why is because Jared MY SOULMATE" I spat the words with so much force. She gasped. I didn’t regret how the words came out because I meant them I was done hiding secret from her. I turned away I reached the door. Until I heard Jared "Julie" he said softly. I turned around looked at him. He was crying sort of ran 2 him. I was still holding my two angels. He looked sad. I put my hand at his face. sHe looked at me "Julie"... she began “yes" I said. “Your dad will kill one of our daughters if we don’t get divorced". I froze. Kill one of our daughters???!! It’s that or a divorce..... What was I going to do in a situation like this??? My Jared or my daughter. Even if we didn’t get a divorce who was i going to choose death to my daughters I couldn’t choose. There was only option on my mind. I die for the sake of my daughters and my Jared. in that instance my father came through the door. i stared at him in disbaliefe. i grabbed jareds hand he looked at me and took elizabeth in his hands i could hear my parents scream my name saying come back here, but i wasnt risking my daughters life. jared quicly drove of. i cried. there went our realationship with my parents. when we got to our house i was quite. jared hugged me "julie why are you so sad?" he asked. i stared at him "jared my dad wants to kill one of my angels its that or our divorce how can i calm down?" i asked jared laughed. i stared at him glaring i didnt find this not one bit funny. he saw my expression and said "julie your mom herd wrong." he said. i stared at him to urgently continue and he did. "julie your dad wants us to get a divorce because he thinks i might kill one of our daughters, he would never kill one of my dauther, i wouldnt allow it." i was shocked again my mom heard wrong, but i wasnt going to go back to my parents house not for a while.jared hugged me "julie everything is going to be fine" i cried and hugged him back "no it wont we might get a divorce" jared gasped i looked at him i saw his face it had pain all over it. i saw a tear fall out.............................
Comment by Gina Rose on July 1, 2010 at 8:11pm
sure =D
Comment by Gina Rose on June 26, 2010 at 9:52pm

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