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jareds imprint story part 6

grabbed me from my waist and pulled me to his side jared growled. "let her go vamp" i bit my lip i wanted to scream" no i want her as she want me" i looked up what was he doing? i " i dont want to be with you noneve" i said he looked mad then jared grabbed my hand " julie why were you avoiding me last period?" i started to cry i cant talk to him but i had to i hugged him "jared im sorry i wanted to talk but if i did then th evampires would have killed you im sorry" jared hugged me back then he jumped and he ran. then i just felt air in my face then when he finaly stoped we were in a place i have never been. jared put me down i was just standing there then i felt something on me it was... jared he hugged me and said ' You didnt talk to me because you were protecting ME, julie im not the only werewolf there are 5 others like me that go to our school. julie you scared me there for a moment dont ever do that again." then we sat watching the sun set.. the end****************** OR IS IT YOU THOUGH it was over but this is just the begining next chapter going to come out soon alot of things are going to happen stay toon>>>>>>

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