The Twilight Saga

jareds imprint story part 7

TWO YEARS HAVE PASSED and julie is 18

jared was all i though about these years ans sometimes i wonderd were was Noneve i wonderd what ahppend to him. But those days i was terrified but now i aM happy with jared. jared was going to tell me something in the forest. i was on my way to la push when jared came up to me and hugged me " hey there julls where have you been i was waiting come on i wanted to tell you something" i smiled" you can tell me anthing." he grabbed me and he carried me into the forest then he stoped and we were both sitting in the ground he loked seriouse " julie i wanted to tell you something i imprinted on you and i love you" he said " i love you to no matter what" he nodded " i never want you to be sad" he said in a sad voice "i wont ever be sad as long as i am with you" then he stood up and so did i he bent down with a foot and took a deep breath " Julie shannel will you marry me?' he grabbed from his pocket a beautiful ring i was about to say my response but then it struck he was there Noneve he was standing was this ever going to end?? he looked mad " i told you julie this was just the begining and by te was mongrel she cant say yes because shes going to say yes to me"................

how did u like it??

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Comment by Gina Rose on May 2, 2010 at 9:54am
: )

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