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jareds imprint story part 8

jared faced me " i always imagined this differently get in back of me julie now" i nodded i ran in back then he transformed into a werewolf and hissed at Noneve. " oh yeah dont ssssssssssss me" noneve said and faced me. "julie come with me love and we can get married and you wont have to suffer with this mongrel." Noneve said "i wont come with you im not your love and i wont ever marry someone like you" i said jared faced me " jared my answer is-" noneve cut me of "you WONT MARRY ME becouse im a vampire right" he said in a happy voice. "thats part of is Noneve the other reason is becaouse i dont like you i like jared" i said he got mad " well i can solve that by making you a vampire." a bunch of vampires apeared clearly there were on noneves side jared started to beat them up for a moment he forgot and at that moment noneve realized it was his move .then noneve jumped in the air to me jared looked back i started to run there was no way that vampire was going to get me "theres no point of runing away huns" noneve said with confidence. then he got me he put me in his arms and jumped in the air i screamed " JARED" on top of my lungs and as hard as i could. jared looke up but it was to late noneve was fast and we were already out of the forest. this was the end i just had to realize that i would end up with noneve after all and i wont ever have a happy life with jared after all.........................

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Comment by Gina Rose on May 4, 2010 at 7:23am

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