The Twilight Saga

As i walk to the cafeteria with alice in one hand and my other in my pocket, walking at human pace which bothers me but ,akes the smell less bothering to me, but still painfull.

i go to sit in my seat next to alice and as they talk, i go into myself and think of what my exstince has been like, with my time in the south and now the wholeness i felt with alice and becoming a Cullen.

then i felt a sharp nudge in my side and there was edward looking at me, with his be good dont do anything look.
i found he power very annoying, i could win too many fights againest him, i prefered fighting with emmett.
at least a fight with him could be more fun, more of a challenging with his strengh and my experience/

Then i feel a pull the other side of me and there is alice and she kissed my forehead and i feel more since becoming a vege ( i always laugh bout that) and then i put my head back and look out the window as edward starts talking to alice with there mental conversation, which always annoyed emmett which was funny to see and rose loving emmett and her self.
Then i felt edward get very annoyed and alittle on edge, i went to carm him then jus left him to it, then as the bell rang and came back to this so called real world, i came back to the scent of humans and the thirst but kept my cool with it and walked out as fast as i could like a human.
But i would not give it up, i do all of this for my alice and for my family.

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