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after the movie and the pizza, Leah left to go home.

"she come over a lot?" i asked.

"no. she's just curious," Paul said.

"why?" i asked.

"imprinting," he said. "she's just trying to understand it."

"does that have anything to do with Sam and Emily?" i asked.

"probably," Paul said.

i went to the bathroom. i ran myself some bath water and took a bath. sitting in the tub, i leaned my head back against the rim. i got out and got ready for bed. i slept in my sleeping bag rolled out on the floor. the  next morning i woke up to the sound of a running shower. Paul was taking a shower. i got up and walked to the kitchen. it was Sunday. i wanted some eggs for breakfast. but he had none in his fridge. i thought about driving into Forks to the diner, but i passed. i could live off of junk food for a while. i pulled a bag of chips down off the top of the refrigerator and ate some. Paul came into the kitchen, reaching the towel behind his ear. he seemed to be glad that i was here. i put the chips down and let him pull me inside his arms. i took his hand and pressed it to my left breast. he felt it. the phone rang. he turned around to answer it. i stuck my face back into the bag of chips.

"hello?" Paul said. "Bella, it's for you. it's Billy." Paul gave me the phone. i thought Billy was angry with me. what did he want?

"hello?" i asked into the phone, curiously.

"Bella, it's Billy. have you talked to Charlie lately?" he asked.

"um," i thought. "not since Friday."

"he hasn't been answering his phone. i called him all day Saturday wanting to go fishing together. he hasn't picked up the phone all day long. and he's still not answering," Billy said.

"i'll talk to some of the wolfpack," i told him. "he's probably still going through shock."

"i think he took off," Billy said. "you know he had a lot on his mind."

"i know," i said. "he wouldn't do that, though, without telling anyone where's he's going."

"you don't know that for sure," Billy said.

"you're wrong," i retorted. i didn't mean to sound rude, but it just came out that way.

"see if you can reach him, then" Billy said, ignoring my attitude.

"i will," i said. he hung up without saying bye.

"Charlie's not answering Billy's calls," i informed Paul.

"you're driving a wedge in their friendship?" Paul chuckled. i hit him with the bag of chips.

"it has nothing to do with  me," i said. i started dialing the number to my house. i planned to talk some sense into Charlie. i waited while the phone rang. i put my free hand on the counter. he didn't pick up. i tried again.

"third times the charm," i mumbled. but still, he wasn't answering. "what's his problem?" i complained.

"it's our fault. we should have been more careful," Paul said, taking some blame.

"don't do that. he's just being immature," i said. "i'll fix this."


i went to Paul's room and i got dressed in jeans, a flanel shirt and my jacket while he stood in the doorway drinking juice. 

"you can't leave the land," Paul said.

"but i have to go talk to Charlie," i said. Paul blocked the front door, putting his arm in my way. i ducked under it and left out to find my truck. i walked until i found it. i resented Charlie for making me leave such a peaceful morning. i found my truck. still parked where i left it two days ago. i got inside and drove home. when i pulled up on the lawn, i saw Seth and Quil coming from out of the trees in their human forms.

"what's up, guys?" i asked.

"nothing," Quil said. Seth shrugged. i went into the house.

"dad!" i called out. i walked up the stairs. he wasn't in his room. i went back out side.

"he left for work?" i asked. Quil and Seth looked at each other.

"yeah," Seth said. he didn't sound really confident. "like Saturday."

he left me confused. "he left for work Saturday," i repeated. Seth nodded. "well, what about today?" i asked.

"he hasn't come back yet," Seth said.

"he was gone all night," Quil added. "and he's still not back."

"he was here Saturday?" i asked.

"Saturday morning. he left for work. that's the last time we saw him," Quil said. "he'll be back. still at work probably."

"or the diner," Seth added.

"was he in a bad mood when you saw him leaving?" i asked.

"well. you know Charlie. he was.. Charlie," Seth said. "he waved when he saw  me. i think he's getting use to us as wolves." Seth elbowed Quil. they chuckled. i took out my phone and called the police station. i asked to speak to my dad. the receptionist put me through, but the phone just rang and never picked up.

"what the! no. he wouldn't avoid my phone calls. Billy's, maybe. but not mine," i said. i was turning impatient. i wanted to call Rene and fuss about him. "i'm gonna go to the station and see him," i told Seth and Quil. i jumped into  my truck and drove down there. i parked and got out and walked through the clear doors. i walked up to the receptionist.

"hey, i'm Bella.  we talked on the phone. i'm here to see my dad, Chief Swan." i said.


"honey, you talked to Sharon. my shift just started," she said.


she pointed towards his office. an officer stepped out infront of me.

"hey, Bella," he said. i read his name tag because i had forgot this guy's name. i met him a long time ago when i first got to Forks.

"hey, Officer Lane," i said, looking past him to Charlie's office. it was empty. "how's Charlie enjoying his vacation?" he asked.

"what? no. he doesn't do vacations," i shook my head.

"he got the weekend off. he was very flustered the last time he came in here, so Corporal gave him the weekend off," Lane said.

"Corporal? is he  knew?" i asked. i never heard of him.

"yeah. he's the new guy in charge," Lane said, dipping his donut in his cup of steaming coffee.

"but Charlie wouldn't ever accept a day off. he loves his job," i said.

Lane laughed. "Bella, even people that love their jobs need some time off every once in a while," he said.

"so you haven't seen him since?"

"i haven't seen since Friday," Officer Lane said. "hey Lori. when's the last time you saw Chief Swan?" he asked the receptionist.

"Friday," she said, her eyes looking over the rims of her vintage glasses. her hair was fiery red and pinned up in tight curls.

"thanks," i mumbled. she smiled, stretching her lips across her face.

"maybe he went fishing?" Officer Lane suggested.

"yeah maybe," i said, feeling like an idiot. i went out and got back into my truck. but he wouldn't go fishing without Billy. especially if Billy was calling as many times as he claims.

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