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Just Something Off The Top Of My Head.!

you know what little kids aree awesomme!! especially little girlls!! people are always complaining that little kids are too rough and meess up everything...they dont mess up everything! yeahh they have their moments but everybody has their moments old or young!! they aree energetic and veryy hyperr!!! likee mee sometimess!! theyy aree easierr too get along with than people your ownn age!!! the badd thing is they get attachedd to you to quickly and when you have to go or something they dont want you to goo and sometimes you dont want to go eitherr!! haha! theyy cann be veryy funny sometimes and iff you treatt them nicelly theyy are verry good...and dont everr give them everythingg they wantt they willl take advantage of that and gett tooo spoiledd and spoiled little shildren are the worse because they sit their and screamm untill you give them what they wannt!! well thats all i have for todayy!! tootless!!

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