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well this is a picture dat i found on google and i wish i could figure out who drew it cauze i think itz amazing. i really think diz picture represent new moon sooo well. idk. wut do you think? well anyways, idk if you've read it yet, but i posted a story on fan fiction on charlie's point of view in new moon. i wrote it just for fun and i'm not really sure when i'm gonna finish it. i've really been tryin to make time to try and add some more to it, but i've been really busy studying for finals and stuff (got a 90 on my history final!!! :D ). hopefully i have time diz weekend to do it. but i'm not really sure. o.O saturday i have to clean up da house and sunday i have to go pick up my parents from da airport. soooo if i don't then i'll try over da christmas break! lol. well itz getting late. gotta go catch some zzzzzzzzzzz's cauze i hve school tomorrow. good night everyone!!!!!! oh and i need some friends. i've had my account for bout a month now sooo i just need some friends. i barely have two and dat sounds sortta pathetic......... anyways my story is in da group fan fiction under da discussion i'm not completely done. anyways, here's da link too

thank you and good night!!!!

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Comment by destiny cullen on December 18, 2009 at 1:10pm
wow that ttly represents NM!

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