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Im in the dark I can smell this horrible stench creeping up but I can't see it so black out. All the sudden I see this big black figure but I wasnt sure what it was so I screamed and yelled but no one could hear me. For I was in a forest like ten miles from a town called kelleton so i ran as fast as i could but heard steps coming even faster as it got closer i sweat more and more but then it came out and grabbed me but it didnt know what or who grabbed me so struggled to break this grip but i couldnt it felt like it was brick or steal but then i realized it was a vampire but he wasnt try to hurt me he was trying to protect me from a warewolve but i didnt know till he whispered not trying to hurt you just stay still and you wont get hurt by that warewolve so i stopped and looked i couldnt see a warewolve anywhere insight but he told me that warewolves can blend in really easliey so said okay in a weak voice without a warniing he picked me up and started to run like the wind but faster i got so dizzy that he winded me and i didnt relize that what he done because i was in my cabbin and didnt know how i got here so i talked to myself and said how the heck did i get here and then out of nowhere i heard him say you got winded when i was carring you and didnt realize it until i told you just now i got frighten for i thought vampires were these scary looking things but i realized then weren't they just like us but more powerful and kindhearted i asked him where he came from he told just down the road when i heard you screaming i then thought about that warewolve that lives here in the woods and came running down the road to save your life cause i thought you would have a family i responded and said well thankyou but i dont my family past away they died in a fire it was very frighten thats why i came here to live he said well you could stay at my plcae as long as you want no catch well thankyou umm....arthur oh arthur and you are young lady...alizah ah beutiful name alizah well thankyou yours is not bad yourself arthur well im honoured well we should get going to my place im mean our place now its getting late its like one thirty in the morning thats late to you thats extremely late to me so can you carry me back kind gentleman or as i can say it kind gentle vampire well sure why not kay i got your bag kay thanks well im on your back just dont wind me again please i ll try my hardest not to alizah okay thankyou arthur.

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Comment by I Love Harry Potter on September 23, 2009 at 7:41pm
please read my book im writting

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